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This monthly update from the U.S. Department of Education will alert readers to new resources that inform policy and practice across several areas of education reform. 

Highlighted Resources

Instructional Improvement Systems: Planning and Implementation Guide

Instructional Improvement Systems: Planning and Implementation Guide

The Instructional Improvement Systems: Planning and Implementation Guide introduces the concept of instructional improvement systems (IIS) to State education agency (SEA) managers and program leads. This guide discusses the functional components of a theoretical IIS model and a seven-step planning and implementation cycle designed to guide SEAs in the development of their own models. Throughout, the guide provides real-world examples of best practices in IIS planning and deployment by SEAs.

Social Media Tip Sheets

Performance Management Brief 1

The Reform Support Network has created four tip sheets to help State and local education agencies communicate and engage on reform topics with key audiences by way of social media. Tip Sheet #1: Innovative Engagement features examples of States engaging with audiences in innovative ways and using social media platforms to reach key audiences, including teachers. Tip Sheet #2: Building Capacity showcases ways that States are building their capacity for social media work, like the Colorado Department of Education's use of social media ambassadors. Tip Sheet #3: Driving Success through Smart Policies focuses on State policies concerning the uses of social media. Tip Sheet #4: Measuring Success describes tracking strategies and building measurement reports to showcase progress.

Parent and Community Engagement is Key Driver of School Transformation in Baltimore

Parent and Community Engagement is Key Driver of School Transformation in Baltimore

Visit the PROGRESS blog for a report on the Expanding Great Options initiative, started in 2008 by Baltimore City Public Schools to improve school options for the city’s students. Commodore John Rogers Elementary/Middle School is one of the initiative’s success stories, engaging parents through focus groups, social events, and conferences where students present their academic progress. The school has doubled enrollment, reduced chronic absences, and raised the percentage of students proficient in math and reading by 20 percent since 2010. 


This month we highlight new resources from the U.S. Department of Education.


Explore toolkits, practical guides, case studies, summary briefs and highlights on key topics and issues that States identify as important to their work at the U.S. Department of Education’s Reform Support Network resources webpage.  

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