TQP ARRA NEWS: Year 4 APR Package


Dear Colleague:

As a recipient of a Teacher Quality Partnership grant, you are required to complete and submit an Annual Performance Report (APR).  Your APR is a way to communicate the progress you made toward accomplishing your project’s goals and objectives. The information you provide will help us gain a deeper understanding of your project and to better target assistance and support to you. It will also give us information to share with senior Department staff and the public on the status of your project toward meeting individual and broader program goals.

The APR will cover the fourth performance period (April 5, 2013 – April 4, 2014). Included in this communication are forms and instructions for responding to the GPRA measures and 204(a) requirements. We ask that you carefully read these forms and instructions and fill in your project data. If you do not have data to report, please insert “not applicable this yearand include an explanation on the ED524B.

Report Documents

We have attached the following documents for your use in preparing the APR:

  •         Templates of the ED 524B cover sheet, executive summary, and project status report sections.

Please note that we already included in Section A the specific language we use to track your progress in meeting the GPRA measures. A separate template is provided for each type of program - residency or pre-baccalaureate/5th year initial licensing. In addition, you will need to enter your own project specific objectives and performance measures into the project status chart. Please use as many pages as necessary.  Should you need help filling out Section A, please contact your program officer.

Note that this year, we have made revisions to the form, with the intention of aligning the form more closely to the language of the GPRA and HEA measures. Although the form looks different, we are requesting the same data we have requested in the past. Reporting on all measures is important; however, we recognize that some longer term measures may not be available until the end of the grant. We are especially focused this year on Short-Term Performance Measures, 5i and 5ii. We have included additional instructions to assist you in reporting on these two measures.

  •          GPRA Guidance

See the attached guidance document for assistance in determining how to identify and calculate the correct numbers.

  •        ED 524 Budget Summary Form for reporting budget information.    

Please submit the most up-to-date budget summary including Section C: Budget Narrative. Instructions for this document are found on page 3 of the attachment. The following items should be included in the budget narrative:

    •         Spending in Y4 in comparison to original budget
    •         Projections for Y5 budget
    •         Account for Y4 Match
    •         Projections for Y5 match budget

Report Submission

Please submit the APR and attachments no later than Monday, June 16, 2014.

E-mail your completed report and any attachments to tqpartnerships@ed.gov and copy your program officer.  You must also email (tqpartnerships@ed.gov) a signed ED524-B cover sheet to your program officer’s attention (note that you can also fax this cover sheet to 202-401-8466, but our preference is email so that we can maintain a digital copy.

If you have questions after reading all attachments, do not hesitate to contact your program officer.


TQP Team