TQP Grant Information: Short-Term GPRA Guidance Request (2009 Cohort)


Dear TQP Grantees -

The TQP team is in the process of analyzing the GPRA measures that you have reported to us and preparing our reports to our Budget office who will prepare the data for Congress. We realize that in the past, there has been some confusion over how to fill out the GPRA measures, and that different grantees have interpreted them differently. In response, we have made an effort to clarify the measures through an instruction guide, which is attached.

What we are asking you to do is review this guide and report on just measures 5i and 5ii. In addition to reporting the numbers, we are asking you to provide a brief explanation describing what these numbers represent. These are the short-term measures that our budget office is most interested in right now. These apply to your 2012-2013 APR, which you have already completed.

We plan to send a more comprehensive set of instructions for all the GPRA measures later in the year, which will apply to your 2013-2014 report (either an Annual Performance Report or a Final Performance Report, depending on whether or not you exercise a no-cost extension), which will be due October 31st, 2014.

Please work with your staff and evaluators to obtain this information. We know some of you have already responded to this request, and if you have, just write back and state that you have completed it. Please send your completed performance chart to your program officer by Friday, March 28, 2014.



The TQP Team