TQP Grant Information: No-Cost Extensions (2009 cohort)

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Applying for No-Cost Extensions

Dear TQP Grantee:

As you enter the final months of your project period, we want to inform you of the process for applying for no-cost time extensions. In accordance with the Education Department General Administrative Regulations (EDGAR) 34 CFR part 74.25 (2)(i), all discretionary grantees are eligible for a no-cost time extension for up to 12 months if the extension is allowed by the program, no new federal funds are requested, and no changes are made to the scope or objectives of the grants. The no-cost time extension cannot be merely for the purpose of exhausting unexpended funds. In other words, this extension is to allow you time to complete the activities that are in your approved application; the extension period cannot be used to begin any new activities. 

To receive an extension, you must send written notification of the planned extension to your assigned ED program officer no later than 10 days before the end of the performance period. We prefer that you send the request via email. In general, the written notification should be approximately one to three pages in length and must include the following:

  • PR award number
  • A brief narrative, similar to those that you have provided in your mid-term reports, that discusses your progress toward accomplishing your project goals
  • A brief rationale for requesting the extension
  • A proposed list of activities
  • Proposed budget
  • Revised expiration date of the grant

We strongly recommend that you send a copy of the extension notification to your Authorized Representative such as your dean or your college’s president.

Once the no-cost time extension is approved, our program office will generate a new Grant Award Notification (GAN) reflecting the revised expiration date. An extension is not approved until that GAN is generated. We will send a copy of the new GAN to you for your records.      

If the no-cost time extension is six months or longer, we will ask you to submit an Annual Performance Report in the Fall of 2014. More details about this requirement will follow in a few months. Your Final Performance Report will be due 90 days after the approved grant expiration date. 

Please work with your grant team over the next few months to decide if you need an extension to complete the activities in your approved TQP grant. Your project officer is available to speak with you about this process so please do not hesitate ask for additional assistance.  


Christine Miller

Program Lead

Teacher Quality Partnership Grant Program