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This monthly update from the U.S. Department of Education will alert readers to new resources that inform policy and practice across several areas of education reform. 

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Progress Blog

Check out the new additions to the PROGRESS blog, which highlights innovative ideas, promising practices, lessons learned and resources informed by K-12 reforms. Through the voices of students, teachers and administrators, hear how teaching and learning is changing to improve education for all students:

And read briefs on:

New Public Access to Race to the Top Resources

RSN GRADS360 Public Home

The Reform Support Network is pleased to announce the launch of the public Communities360° portal.  Although portions of the site are still reserved for Race to the Top grantees only, the new portal enables non-grantees to access helpful resources about important work being done by grantees and the Reform Support Network. Visit to explore resources such as A Quality Control Toolkit for Student Learning Objectives and Turning Around the Lowest Achieving Schoolsand for information about communities of practice and contact information for U.S. Department of Education staff who are leading each area of work.

Measures of Learning: State Approaches for Gauging Student Growth in New Evaluation Systems 

Measures of Learning

States are redesigning their educator effectiveness systems to include measures of growth in student achievement. Measures of Learning: State Approaches for Gauging Student Growth in New Evaluation Systems looks at value-added models, non-tested grades and subjects, and student learning objectives. It closes with a discussion of communicating the results of student growth measures, such as monitoring correlations between student outcomes and teacher evaluation ratings and using data dashboards to share evaluation data.

Performance-Based Compensation: Linking Performance to Teacher Salaries

Performance-Based Compensation

To inform State and district discussions of new directions in teacher compensation, the Center on Great Teachers and Leaders has published Performance-Based Compensation: Linking Performance to Teacher Salaries. This study of performance-based compensation systems features an overview of current policy trends, district-based efforts in the U.S. and a national program in the United Kingdom.


This month we highlight new resources from the U.S. Department of Education and from the Comprehensive Center on Great Teachers and Leaders.



Explore toolkits, practical guides, case studies, summary briefs and highlights on key topics and issues that States identify as important to their work at the U.S. Department of Education’s Race to the Top Technical Assistance Resources Webpage.  

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