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This monthly update from the U.S. Department of Education will alert readers to new resources that inform policy and practice across several areas of education reform. 

Highlighted Resources

PROGRESS: Teachers, Leaders and Students Transforming Education

Progress Blog

The U.S. Department of Education has  launched a new online resourcePROGRESS: Teachers, Leaders and Students Transforming Education, to highlight State and local innovative ideas, promising practices, lessons learned, and resources informed by the implementation of K-12 education reforms. These stories will showcase reforms in action and are intended to provide insight into the exciting transformations taking place in classrooms, schools, and systems across the country through the leadership of teachers, school, district and State leaders and their partners.

Performance Management: Description and Key Elements

Performance Management

Reforms of the size and scale of those that Race to the Top States have undertaken require unprecedented oversight, planning and problem solving. As a result, performance management is emerging as an important factor in ensuring that initiatives are on track to meet and sustain student achievement goals. The Reform Support Network document, Performance Management: Description and Key Elements, offers a general framework for a systematic approach to performance management that aligns structures, processes and routines to assure quality and progress toward organizational goals.

Focusing on the How: Guidance for School and District Leaders on Supporting Teachers Through the Transition to the Common Core

Focusing on the How

With the advent of new college and career readiness standards (CCRS), schools and teachers face a fundamental transition in their daily work. Focusing on the How: Guidance for School and District Leaders on Supporting Teachers Through the Transition to the Common Core, published by The Achievement Network (an Investing in Innovation grantee), is designed as a resource to assist with the introduction of the CCRS into schools, in terms of both actions and infrastructure to support the process of revising the curriculum. The paper offers three rubrics—one for leaders, one for teachers, and one about school structuresbased on extensive work with diverse schools across the United States, and case studies that offer real-life examples of how schools have applied the rubrics.


This month we highlight three resources from the U.S. Department of Education and The Achievement Network:



Explore toolkits, practical guides, case studies, summary briefs and highlights on key topics and issues that States identify as important to their work at the U.S. Department of Education’s Race to the Top Technical Assistance Resources Webpage.  

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