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This new monthly update from the U.S. Department of Education will alert readers to new resources that inform policy and practice across several areas of education reform. 

Highlighted Resources

Building State Capacity by Hiring Third-Party Providers 


Some Race to the Top States have engaged external experts and providers to increase their capacity to implement school turnaround models. Race to the Top Highlights, Third-Party Providers and School Turnaround describes the different approaches and safeguards that States have adopted to maximize the pool of providers available while ensuring the delivery of high-quality services.

State Strategies for School Turnaround Governance 

State Strategies for School Turnaround Governance

Implementation of school turnaround strategies under School Improvement Grant and Race to the Top programs has provided States with a unique opportunity to rethink how to organize to improve their lowest achieving schools. Highlights of State Approaches to School Turnaround Governance provides a snapshot of strategies that Race to the Top States are pursuing to reorganize State structures and support for districts and schools.

How Race to the Top States Are Supporting School Turnaround 

How Race to the Top States are Supporting School Turnaround

Race to the Top States have offered extensive support to local educational agencies implementing one of the four school intervention models. Turning Around the Lowest-Achieving Schools, Highlights of State Support Systems for School Turnaround provides a snapshot of their work, with details selected to draw out instructive examples from early implementation efforts.


This month we highlight three new publications, all focused on school turnaround, published through the Reform Support Network and the U.S. Department of Education.



The Reform Support Network has worked with States to turn around persistently low-achieving schools, seeking to create an environment for Race to the Top grantees to come together to share lessons learned and promising practices. Through this work, the Reform Support Network has produced several webinars that have been archived online.

Explore toolkits, practical guides, case studies, summary briefs and highlights on key topics and issues that States identify as important to their work at the U.S. Department of Education’s Race to the Top Technical Assistance Resources Webpage.  

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