New Driving Simulator, Wake Turbulence Research, Calculating Truck Crashes

Volpe, The National Transportation Systems Center

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Volpe The National Transportation Systems Center

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Office of the Assistant Secretary for Research and Technology


New Simulator Enables Testing of Dangerous Driving Scenarios with No Harm to Drivers


Volpe recently acquired a new research simulator to understand driver behavior. Owned by the Federal Railroad Administration, the driving simulator helps researchers examine user reactions in a myriad of scenarios, providing important safety data that shapes new technologies and federal regulations.

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New Series: Transportation and the Economy

transportation and the economy

Series Kickoff : "Logistics Clusters: Jobs, Growth, and Economic Development"

October 3, 2014
12:00 - 1:00 p.m.

Dr. Yossi Sheffi


Elisha Gray II Professor of Engineering Systems
Director, Center for Transportation and Logistics
Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Attend the event via webinar or join us in person.

Learn more about the other speakers in the series on our website.

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wake vortex

New Aircraft Separation Standards Gain Wider Adoption, Saving Time and Money

Volpe's recent work is helping FAA implement new aircraft separation standards, which is increasing capacity and reducing airport delays...more

crash avoidance technology

New Infographic Shows How Advanced Vehicle Technology Reduces Crashes

What’s the best kind of car crash? The one that never happens. Check out our new crash avoidance infographic...more

ecological flying

Enhanced Environmental Analysis Tool Slated for Release

It’s been two years since the Federal Aviation Administration and Volpe publicly released the Aviation Environmental Design Tool, an environmental analysis tool that offers a robust, integrated way to quantify aviation’s environmental impact...more

truck collision

How Much Does a Truck Crash Cost?

Sophisticated data models accurately show the range of consequences from an average truck crash, including pollution and lost work productivity...more

Volpe Staff at National and Local Events

Volpe staff were featured at the Global Level Crossing Safety & Trespass Prevention Symposium at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign from August 3 through 8.

  • Stephanie Chase and Scott Gabree, along with other experts, presented on Outcomes and Next Steps from Working Group Meeting of International Railway Suicide Experts and FRA R&D Evaluation of Suicide Countermeasures

  • Suzanne Horton, Marco da Silva, and Tashi Ngamdung presented on Evaluation of Education and Outreach Methods and Strategies: A Case Study of a Web-Based Rail Safety Education Initiative

  • Adrian Hellman presented on Level Crossing Crash Taxonomy for Connected Vehicle Safety Research

  • Aaron Jette, along with another expert, presented on Evaluating Community-Based Approaches to Trespass Prevention

  • Adrian Hellman and Aaron Lamplugh presented on Preliminary Analysis of LED Enhanced Signs at a Passive Rural Level Crossing

  • Marco da Silva, Scott Gabree, and Stephanie Chase, along with another expert, presented on the Effect of Gate Skirts on Pedestrian Behavior at a Highway-Rail Grade Crossing

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