U.S. DOT Judges Announce Winner of Innovation Challenge

Volpe, The National Transportation Systems Center

Office of the Assistant Secretary for Research and Technology

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Volpe The National Transportation Systems Center

U.S. Department of Transportation, Office of the Assistant Secretary for Research and Technology

December 22, 2016


U.S. DOT Leaders Select Winner of 2016 Innovation Challenge


The Volpe Innovation Challenge encourages multidisciplinary staff teams to develop and pitch creative ideas to improve some aspect of the transportation enterprise. Seven teams and a selection panel made up of U.S. DOT officials recently convened in Kendall Square to select the winner of Volpe’s fifth annual Innovation Challenge.

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Holiday Greetings from the U.S. DOT’s Volpe Center

Anne Alyward

Happy Holidays from Volpe Director Anne Aylward

Since 1970, Volpe has remained flexible and responsive to the needs and strategic goals of each administration and has proudly served 8 presidents and 16 secretaries of transportation. As home to world-renowned multimodal and multidisciplinary expertise, our work has always reflected pressing and shifting national needs and priorities. 

As we get ready for the year ahead, I would like to thank you for your partnership and for the confidence many of you have placed in us to support your key programs and initiatives.

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Image of presenters at TRB

Volpe to Participate in TRB 2017

The 96th Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting is coming up, and Volpe staff will present a breadth of research on pressing transportation topics. Read the full story.

Our Oceans

Our Ocean Conference Showcases Volpe’s Global Vessel Tracking System

The Volpe-developed SeaVision is a web-based vessel tracking and information-sharing tool that was chosen as one of three featured exhibits at Secretary of State John Kerry’s Our Ocean Conference. Read the fully story

Travis App

New Technology Aims to Simplify Tractor-Trailer Fleet Management

A new low-cost technology developed through U.S. DOT’s SBIR program could help fleet managers better track the 5.6 million tractor-trailers on our roads that are hauling 68 percent of all the goods we receive. Read the full story.

STEM event

Volpe Hosts Local High School Students for Day of Mentoring and Human Factors Demonstrations 

Local high school students visited Volpe for a STEM day of mentoring and operating the simulators in the Human Factors lab. Read the full story

Jobs at volpe

The following professional opportunity is available at Volpe:

  • Meteorologist


Volpe Staff at U.S. and International Events

Volpe staff were featured at the following events in December:

  • Juliet Page led the Airport Cooperative Research Program panel meeting at the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, held December 12-13 in Washington, D.C. Page facilitated a discussion on commercial space transportation noise measurements.

  • Kevin Harnett, Brendan Harris, and Daniel Chin participated in the Computer Security Applications Conference, held December 5-7 in Los Angeles, California. At this internationally recognized forum, information system security practitioners, researchers, and developers exchange ideas and experiences. Harnett participated in a session where the attendees discussed control systems cybersecurity. Harris taught a course about hands-on interactive car hacking, which provided an overview of common vehicular networks and taught the attendees how to use open-source tools to reverse engineer common protocols used in the automotive industry. 

Featured Volpe Reports


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