U.S. DOT Issues Call for Creative Transportation Proposals

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U.S. DOT’s SBIR 17.1 Solicitation Is Now Open


Small businesses in America are engines of creativity and employment opportunities, but it can sometimes be difficult for small businesses to turn their innovations into reality.

That’s why U.S. DOT’s highly competitive Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program awards contracts to small businesses to pursue research and development to find solutions to our nation’s biggest transportation challenges. The SBIR program has opened its latest solicitation period and will accept proposals through December 21, 2016.

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Connected vehicles

Highly Automated Vehicles: Challenges and Opportunities

Wednesday, November 9
12:00 – 12:45 p.m.

A world with highly automated vehicles presents many challenges that will need to be addressed if their life-saving potential can be realized.

Join Dr. Mark R. Rosekind, administrator of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, for his talk as part of Volpe’s speaker series The Future of Transportation: Safety, Opportunity, and Innovation.

This will be the finale event in the 2016 Future of Transportation series.

Register now.

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Government at the Speed of Silicon Valley

To create major new technologies like self-driving cars, rather than focusing on an end result or product, it’s much more effective to focus on creating prototypes—“very much a Silicon Valley approach,” said J. Christian Gerdes, U.S. DOT’s first chief innovation officer, who spoke as part of Volpe’s Future of Transportation series.

Volpe booth at ATCA

Insights from ATCA 2016

Each year, Volpe takes part in the aviation industry’s conversation by attending the Air Traffic Control Association’s (ATCA) annual conference—including this year’s ATCA 2016, where our staff shared our work in aviation with hundreds of government and industry partners, and learned from other experts in the field. Read the full story.

Image of Robin Chase and Anthony Townsend giving a talk on Automated Vehicles and Urban Mobility.

Robin Chase and Anthony Townsend on Automated Vehicles and Urban Mobility

Automated vehicles are coming sooner than you might think, according to two leading thinkers in transportation. Volpe recently hosted Robin Chase and Anthony Townsend for a special joint panel on vehicle automation and urban mobility, moderated by Austin Brown of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy.

Hurricane Matthew flood scene

How Volpe’s Terry Sheehan Responds to Natural Disasters

When disasters hit, the U.S. Department of Transportation deploys Volpe’s Terry Sheehan to coordinate massive transportation responsibilities that come with massive emergency response efforts. Earlier this month, Sheehan was deployed to North Carolina to coordinate evacuations after Hurricane Matthew. Read the full story.

Image of an interconnected and wireless city network.

Reimagining Transportation from the Internet Up with Dan Doctoroff

The biggest revolutions over the past two centuries in urban environments have happened where technologies meet city life, said Sidewalk Labs Chairman and CEO Daniel Doctoroff, who spoke recently at Volpe. Now, he believes, we are on the verge of the fourth technological revolution in cities.

Volpe Day

Transportation Work on Display at Volpe Day 2016

Volpe staff recently came together for Volpe Day, an internal forum that gives staff the opportunity to showcase the diversity of Volpe’s technology portfolio, share their own work and ideas with their colleagues, and engage in creative problem solving. Read the full story.

Cybersecurity lock

Coming Next Month: A Special Cybersecurity Newsletter

The Department of Homeland Security and Volpe hosted a three-day conference in October showcasing federal automotive cybersecurity programs and open-source cybersecurity research tools. Stay tuned for Volpe’s November newsletter, where we’ll highlight stories on key panels from the conference and other important work in cybersecurity and safety. Read more.

Jobs at Volpe

Jobs at Volpe

Fifteen Pathways internship positions—for engineers, analysts, economists, computer scientists, and more—will be posted this week on our student opportunities page. The internships will post on USAJobs on Tuesday, November 1.

Volpe Staff at U.S. and International Events

Volpe staff were featured at the following events in October:

  • Gina Solman presented the Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ) toolkit at the 2016 Association of Metropolitan Planning Organizations Annual Meeting in Fort Worth, Texas, from October 26 to 28. Volpe is developing a series of tools to assist FHWA stakeholders with the quantification of emission benefits. At the same conference, Scott Smith (among others) led the workshop “Preparing for Automated Vehicles.”

  • Kristin Lewis and Peter Herzig helped plan the Commercial Aviation Alternative Fuels Initiative General Meeting in Washington, D.C., from October 25 to 27. The meeting focused on alternative jet fuel deployment activities and challenges. Dr. Lewis and Herzig serve on CAFFI’s Administrative Leadership Team.

  • Olivia Gillham presented an overview of the National Consumer Complaint Database at FMCSA’s Household Goods Technical Advisory meeting in St. Louis, Missouri, from October 25 to 27. Gillham showed the system, introduced new complaint types, and described future capabilities of the Activity Center for Enforcement.

  • Anita Kim and Jonathan Koopmann participated in a discussion about electric and autonomous driving in the U.S. and the Netherlands. The meeting was held at the Dutch embassy in Washington, D.C., from October 24 to 25. U.S. DOT participants from FHWA, NHTSA, OST, and Volpe discussed U.S. activities, learned about Dutch activities, and engaged in a dialog about planned development.

  • Kevin Harnett and Brendan Harris convened a three-day Automotive Cybersecurity Showcase at Volpe from October 18 to 20. The event brought together more than 100 key national and international stakeholders and technologists from the government/private industry cybersecurity research community, automotive industry, research laboratories, and academia. 

  • Christopher Roof was an invited panel speaker and discussed perspectives on the Aviation Environmental Design Tool at the American Association of Airport Executives/Airport Council International – North America Airport Noise Conference from October 16 to 20 in San Diego, California.

  • Eric Boeker attended a European Civil Aviation Conference meeting from October 12 to 13 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Boeker discussed the Aviation Environmental Design Tool results for an aircraft noise modeling test case, which will be included in two international aircraft noise modeling documents.
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