6 Emerging Transportation Issues for 2016

Volpe, The National Transportation Systems Center

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Volpe The National Transportation Systems Center

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Office of Research and Technology

January 28, 2016


Volpe Looks Forward…and Toward Its Next Director


In 2016, Volpe will take action on six emerging issues: Advanced automation and emerging technologies; breakthroughs in safety; data analytics, visualization, and real-time decision making; transportation energy and sustainability; transportation system resiliency; and on-demand mobility, smart cities, and livable communities.

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New Video Playlist Features 2015 Speaker Series

Beyond Traffic 2045: Reimagining Transportation video playlist graphic.

Watch a new YouTube playlist and read news highlights from our 2015 speaker series Beyond Traffic 2045: Reimagining Transportation.

The series delved into insights on automation, navigation, communication, robotics, and smart cities with thought leaders exploring technology, disruptive innovation, and the future of transportation.


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Volpe 2015 Reports text with graphics of a plane, car, and train tracks.

Volpe's 2015 Reports

Volpe published 68 reports and conference papers in 2015 spanning a myriad of transportation research topics. View the 2015 research topic areas and download copies of Volpe’s transportation resources...more

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11 Technologies That Could Have a Major Impact on Transportation

A recent report by Volpe experts identifies emerging technologies and innovative applications that may have a significant impact on our transportation systems within three to five years...more

An image of hexagonal solar roadway panels.

New Pavement System... Supported by Solar Panels?

In 2009, the Small Business Innovation Research program solicited research on a topic sponsored by the Federal Highway Administration: To develop a new pavement that could generate power and transfer it to the power grid...more

A still frame from a video clip of Neil Pedersen speaking at Volpe.

Inside TRB’s New Policy Research on the Transportation Sharing Economy

Transportation Research Board (TRB) Executive Director Neil Pedersen recently spoke at Volpe, sharing major conclusions from TRB’s new report on how transportation network companies are primed to have a major impact on mobility and transportation accessibility...more

A Volpe employee presents a poster at TRB.

What Volpe Talked About at TRB 2016

Volpe staff from across the organization were proud to play a role among the 5,000 presentations and nearly 800 sessions and workshops covering all transportation modes at TRB’s 95th Annual Meeting...more

Jobs @ Volpe

Jobs at Volpe

The following professional opportunities are available at Volpe:

  • Volpe Center Director
  • Management and Program Analyst
  • Contract Specialist

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