Secretary Foxx on Transportation’s Future, Kanter Talks Infrastructure, and more

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July 30, 2015


DOT Secretary Anthony Foxx Talks America’s Transportation Future at Volpe


Transportation is dynamic. Whether we’re thinking about how we use transportation in our daily lives or how transportation keeps our economy moving, our options for mobility affect where we live, where we work, and the ladders of economic opportunity available to us. That’s the message U.S. Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx brought when he visited Volpe for a town hall discussion on the biggest transportation challenges facing our country over the next 30 years.

DOT Secretary Anthony Foxx speaks at Volpe.
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Rosabeth Moss Kanter.

Capping off with Harvard Business School’s Rosabeth Moss Kanter, Volpe just concluded its Transportation and the Economy speaker series.

Stay tuned for the fall launch of our next speaker series, Reimagining Transportation, a provocative look at technology, disruptive innovation, and the future of transportation.

Speakers and dates to be announced soon.


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Generated by AEDT 2b, this map displays the paths of aircraft at a major U.S. airport and the resulting noise.

Introducing a More Powerful Environmental Tool for the Aviation Community

The FAA and Volpe have released a new version of the premier software for quantifying the environmental impacts of aviation. This new software, AEDT 2b, replaces five legacy air quality and noise analysis tools and incorporates their functionalities into a single model...more

A photo of busy highways.

Building Infrastructure for America's Transportation Future

There are three pillars of big-scope infrastructure projects that can provide seamless, multimodal transportation for passengers and freight, according to Harvard Business School's Rosabeth Moss Kanter, who spoke recently at the conclusion of Volpe's Transportation and the Economy speaker series...more

Artists rendition of multimodal activity on a street.

Embracing Walking and Biking in State-Level Planning

A new handbook from the Federal Highway Administration and Volpe encourages state leadership on pedestrian and bike planning and provides a roadmap for improving or creating new programs...more

A Volpe researcher explains that Volpe evaluates all models of alcohol testing devices to ensure that they meet federal specifications.

Volpe Welcomes the Public During Cambridge Science Festival

Recently, Volpe opened its doors as part of the 2015 Cambridge Science Festival, welcoming members of the Cambridge- and Boston-area community to learn about staff work that is primed to change the transportation world—and to operate our train, airplane, and vehicle simulators...more

Volpe Director Robert Johns receives GBFEB's Distinguished Federal Executive of the Year.

Volpe Recognized for Leadership and Innovation

The Greater Boston Federal Executive Board gave top honors to Volpe during its annual Excellence in Government Awards, including naming Director Robert Johns as Distinguished Federal Executive of the Year...more

Volpe Staff at Local and National Events

Volpe staff were featured at key speaking engagements in June, including the following:

  • William Lyons and James Andrew discussed the U.S. approach to transportation policy and planning; major trends and emerging issues; planning for accessibility and healthy communities; asset management; transit management and performance; and the role of new technology during the June 23-26 South Africa Workshop for Tomorrow’s Transportation Leaders in Johannesburg, South Africa, which coincided with Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx’s visit to South Africa. 

  • Eric Boeker discussed aircraft noise modeling at the European Civil Aviation Conference, held June 23-24 in Trondheim, Norway. Boeker reported on Aviation Environmental Design Tool results that will be included in two international aircraft noise modeling documents.  

  • Jason Glaneuski discussed regulatory compliance challenges facing system developers and operators of remotely piloted aircrafts at the Devens Robotica 2015 on June 15 in Devens, Massachusetts.

  • William Lyons discussed the use of accessibility as a key metric in transportation planning and decision making at the International Subconference on Accessibility-Based Evaluation, held June 15-16 in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

  • Mike Dinning and Tim Weisenberger facilitated discussions on the state of multimodal payments convergence at the 2015 Smart Card Alliance Transportation Council Meeting, held June 9-10 in Washington, D.C.

  • Dr. Scott Gabree discussed Volpe’s research on suicide mitigation strategies with a focus on media guidelines for responsibly reporting suicide incidents on rights-of-way at Caltrain’s Bay Area Rapid Transit Media Roundtable on June 9 in California.

  • Dr. Stephen Popkin presented on fatigue management at the International Symposium on Shiftwork and Work Time, held June 8 in Elsinore, Denmark. Dr. Popkin’s presentation was part of a satellite conference focused on research efforts to improve the safety and well-being of shift workers. 

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