ODAPC Publishes Official Q&As Today and Posts Revised Collector Guidelines

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Official Q&As Published Today  


Today – July 3, 2014 – the Office of Drug and Alcohol Policy and Compliance, with the Office of General Counsel, issued 49 CFR Part 40 Question and Answers (Q&A).   Like all ODAPC/OGC Q&As, these Q&As constitute official and authoritative guidance and interpretation concerning Part 40.
The Q&As issued today are available at http://www.dot.gov/odapc/part40QandA. 
The Q&As explain 1) When may a collector give an employee permission to leave a collection site, and 2) What happens if an employee leaves the collection site prior to the completion of the testing process.



Revised Urine Specimen Collector Guidelines Posted Today


The following are some of the changes to the revised Urine Specimen Collector Guidelines from the previous version [October 1, 2010]:

  • Updated web site addresses/hyperlinks, as needed,
  • Modified language throughout the document to clarify concepts and to identify when actions are required versus simply permitted by the regulation.  These edits are italicized throughout this document and the items italicized, underlined, and bolded from the 2010 revisions to this document were returned to normal text,
  • Removed effective dates in Section 4 that have passed,
  • Section 13 was re-organized,
  • Removed Section 14

The revised Guidelines are available at http://www.dot.gov/odapc/urine-specimen-collection-guidelines.