New in the DOT Fast Lane--Secretary Foxx: Bicycling to safety

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Cities and towns across the country are taking steps to make biking an option for their residents, but we have a responsibility to make sure that it's a safe option, too. Because, even though NHTSA reports national total crash fatalities at record lows, bicyclist and pedestrian deaths have not followed suit.

We won’t stand still at DOT and allow this crisis to build up over time. As I told the enthusiastic bicycling advocates yesterday at the 2014 National Bike Summit, our roads should be safe; they should be easy places to travel, no matter how we’re traveling on them.

In a nation with as rich a history of meeting challenges as ours, we can be for bikes and other forms of transportation at the same time. And the President's transportation proposal shows us how to do that...

You can read more from Secretary Foxx about bicycling, opportunity, and safety on our Fast Lane blog.

Photo of Secretary Foxx at 2014 National Bike Summit
Photo courtesy League of American Bicyclists.