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Through the National Criminal Justice Reference Service, NIJ has made available the following final technical reports (these reports are the result of NIJ-funded projects but were not published by the U.S. Department of Justice):

The National Institute of Justice Sensor, Surveillance, and Biometric Technologies Center of Excellence has developed a tool for characterizing contact and contactless fingerprint minutia data. Researchers have used this tool to analyze minutia deviations between probe and gallery datasets, and conducted biometric experiments to investigate the effect of minutia deviations on match performance.

The Minutia Deviation Tool (MDT) is a prototype software utility that aids a user in designating equivalent minutia pairs across two fingerprint biometric images and calculating the pair’s minutia spatial deviations. The tool also allows for those mated minutiae to be filtered based on deviation or position criteria to produce Electronic Biometric Transmission Specification (EBTS) files with a subset of minutia markings.

Research regarding fingerprint minutia data is broken into seven reports:

The studies concluded that MDT is a useful and unique biometrics analysis tool that should be maintained and distributed to the biometrics research community.

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