What's Happening at Hanford

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After photo of a screen on a well used to inject treated water back into the ground show how small amounts of chlorine can improve efficiency.

Pilot Test Shows Chlorine Effectively Disinfects Wells

Using trace amounts of chlorine helps Hanford workers treat groundwater more efficiently. Read more about how chlorine is becoming a valuable tool at Hanford.  



Portable Monitors Provide Extra Protection 

Tank farm workers have begun using new personal monitors to provide further protection from potential exposure to chemical vapors. Read more about the new personal monitors.

The portable monitor helps protect Hanford tank farm workers against potential exposure to chemical vapors.

Workers participate in a radiological control technicians’ training. The new training course engages students throigh hands-on exercises.

New Interactive Training for Technicians Increases Safety

Since October, more than 120 students have participated in the training, which is designed to give radiological control technicians the tools they need to keep workers safe. Read more about the new interactive training at Hanford

More WTP Support Facilities Move into Startup phase

The Waste Treatment Plant project continues to transition from construction to startup and commissioning to support the Department of Energy. Read more about the progress at the Waste Treatment Plant.

A Waste Treatment and Immobilization Plant employee inspects electrical control equipment in the Chiller Compressor Building

Hanford Site workers finish loading demolition debris from the south side of the Main Processing Facility at the Plutonium Finishing Plant

Debris Removal Continues at the Plutonium Finishing Plant 

The last debris from the south side of the Main Process Facility has been removed. Read more Hanford news on social media.

324 Building Drain Trench Cleaned Out

The work was essential for reducing radiation levels as workers prepare the facility for stabilization. Read more Hanford news on social media

Workers have completed radiological cleanout of a floor drain trench in the 324 Building airlock.

Nearly 80 employees and their family members from contractor Mission Support Alliance helped assemble 1,725 bikes for Bikes for Tikes

Hanford Workers Give Back to the Community

They believe in giving back and volunteering their time to a number of organizations and efforts in the Tri-Cities and surrounding areas. Read more Hanford news on social media

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