united states coast guard

R 071234Z SEP 21

A. Military Assignments and Authorized Absences, COMDINST M1000.8A
1. Purpose: This message solicits Culinary Specialists(CS) interested
in assignment as a Special Command Aide (SCA).  The positions below
are available in AY22.
CSCS     00090017    DHS SUPERVISOR                WASHINGTON, DC
CS1      00087088    DDE-CJCS- SCA SUPPORT         WASHINGTON, DC
CS1      00037009    D5 REPFAC                     PORTSMOUTH, VA
CS1      00018963    D14 REPFAC                    HONOLULU, HI
CS2      00034788    PACAREA                       ALAMEDA, CA
CS2      00006432    LANTAREA                      PORSTMOUTH, VA
CS2      00090020    DHS                           WASHINGTON, DC
CS2      00090019    DHS                           WASHINGTON, DC
2. Background: SCAs fill a variety of high visibility positions at
the White House, the Department of Homeland Security Executive
Dining Facility, the Commandant's Flag Mess at Coast Guard
Headquarters, and Representational Facilities (REPFACs) around the
Coast Guard. Their responsibilities vary dependent upon the
assignment. SCAs provide support to senior leadership in the
execution of representational duties for the Coast Guard.
3. Discussion.
A. Assignment as a SCA is a unique opportunity to represent the
Coast Guard and to serve senior leadership as they execute
responsibilities and strengthen partnerships with foreign
dignitaries, senior government officials, and other organizational
stakeholders. To be successful, SCAs must be service-oriented,
have outstanding work ethic and initiative, and possess excellent
culinary skills.
B. SCA duties for assignments at REPFACs include, but are not
limited to the following:
  1. Household Management: Maintain the official entertainment
  areas of the REPFAC, provide care for furnishings and equipment,
  requisition, receive and account for government owned equipment,
  coordinate, schedule, monitor work orders, and maintain REPFAC
  2. Financial Management: Maintain accounting records of funds
  drawn from the Flag Officer's personal accounts and other
  official REPFAC funds, provide (as required) monthly, quarterly,
  and yearly reports for all accounts. Plan, execute, and manage
  procurements and assist Contracting Officers.
  3. Enlisted Aide Duties: Act as point of contact for all
  operations in the REPFAC to include serving as the safety and
  security manager, liaison between the REPFAC and the Flag
  Officer's staff, prepare uniforms and assist Flag Officers in
  executing their official responsibilities.
  4. Food Service: Plan and execute formal dinners, receptions,
  and other similar events through the development of menus,
  preparation of food, determining table arrangement and table
  setting, greeting guests, and bartending.
4. Eligibility Requirements: CSs who are tour complete in AY 2022
or AY 2023, have consistently demonstrated a superb work ethic,
presently serve in pay grades E5-E8, meet career sea time requirement
for advancement to the next higher pay grade, have a current
secret clearance, and exemplify a sharp military appearance.
5. Application Process: Eligible members must submit an
application package to CG PSC-EPM-2, through their chain of command,
sent via email to William.T.Wall(at)USCG.MIL and copy the SCA
Program Manager at Derek.R.Johnson(at)USCG.MIL to arrive NLT
15 NOV 21. Special care should be taken to ensure emailed documents
including pictures are in color, not distorted, and completely
package must include:
A. A cover letter specifically addressing why the member is
interested in becoming an SCA (not to exceed two pages).
B. Command Endorsement - Command Endorsements are critical to the
selection process. Command Endorsements shall provide specific
comments on the member to include:
  1. Eligibility (as noted in par. 4)
  2. Summary of character
  3. Personal appearance and military bearing
  4. Professionalism, comfort, and ability to interact with senior
  5. Financial responsibility
  6. Culinary and other professional qualifications
C. Resume: The resume shall include assignment history (to
include dates, unit, rank, and duties), education and training,
personal awards, and any culinary presentation experience.
D. Copy of current Enlisted Employee Review (EER) summary.
E. Copy of most recent EER performance evaluation.
F. Two digital full length photos in tropical blue, uncovered,
one front view and one side view.
G. Applicants are allowed a maximum of two pages for photos of
their culinary works (optional).
6. Applicants for SCA duty shall submit billets they desire via
direct access. However, all applicants will be considered and
screened for all open positions in AY22. Assignment to specific
billets will be based on service needs.
7. POC: For additional information regarding specific SCA duties
and responsibilities contact the SCA Program Manager, CSCS Derek
Johnson, at (202) 372-4412. For additional information regarding
SCA Assignments or the CS rating, contact the CS Assignment
Officer at CGPSC-EPM-2, CWO3 William Wall at (202) 795-6570.
8. Released by: LCDR Michael Deal, (202) 795-6576
9. Internet release authorized.