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R 070943 MAY 19
UNCLAS //N12451//
ALCOAST 156/19
A. Invitational Travel Authorizations, COMDTINST 12570.3 (series)
1. Nominations are being accepted for the 2019 DHS Secretary's Awards Ceremony. The Secretary
will hold the 2019 Secretary's Awards Ceremony on Wednesday, November 6, 2019, in Washington,
D.C. to honor individual and collective achievements across DHS that occurred during the
period of June 2018 through 31 May 2019.
2. Nominations are solicited for the following categories:
    a. Exceptional Service Award (Gold Medal);   
    b. Leadership Excellence;
    c. Meritorious Service Award (Silver Medal);
    d. Award for Valor;
    e. Award for Exemplary Service;
    f. Award for Excellence;
    g. Unity of Effort Team Award;
    h. Unit Award;
    i. Award for Outstanding Achievement in Diversity Management; and
    j. Award for Volunteer Service.
3. For a description of DHS award categories visit:
4. You are encouraged to recognize military members and civilian employees not previously
honored with Secretarial awards. These awards are not intended to honor retirees or
contractors. Nominations may not be submitted for individuals/teams whose accomplishments are
pending final action or involve a pending investigation. An individual can only be nominated
for one award (individual or team).
5. Nomination Procedures:
    a. The Nomination Form: Secretarial Awards, DHS Form 3100-1, must be submitted with each
nomination package. The form must be typed using Times New Roman, 12-point font, and conform
to space provided. The Secretarial Awards, DHS Form 3100-1, is accessible at:
    b. Ensure nominations have the full and correct name (including middle initial, if any)
for all individuals nominated, as the name submitted is the name that will be placed on
award devices and certificates.
    c. All nominations must include a short, factual, one-paragraph synopsis for the
nomination (block 6), and a justification that addresses the award criteria (block 7). Use
plain language that is concise and descriptive.
    d. Utilize the Additional Page for listing individuals included in a team nomination,
including the Unit Award and Unity of Effort Team Award, and attach it to the nomination form.
The Additional Page must include a list of members by first name, middle initial, last name,
title, unit, component/office for each submitted team nomination. Team nominations should be
limited to only those who significantly contributed to the project or investigation. Teams
are generally limited to 10-15 members. The Additional Page is accessible at:
Secretarys-Awards-Program/. Enter the Team name at “Employee/Nominee” on the nomination form.
    e. Nominations must include name, title, approving official’s signature, and date in
block (9). The last line in block (9) must be left blank for the Commandant’s endorsement.
Ensure the nomination has been cleared and endorsed through the appropriate chain of
command (Coast Guard Unit Commanders, Commanding Officers, Deputy/Assistant Commandants,
or Directors of Headquarters staff elements) prior to submission. One level of Flag/SES
endorsement must be obtained.
    f. An endorsed Coast Guard Award Recommendation, Form CG-1650 must also be submitted
with each nomination. The last line in block (19) must be left blank for Civilian Awards
Review Board Chair endorsement. The Coast Guard Award Recommendation, Form CG-1650 is
accessible at:
    g. Nominations should not exceed four pages in length, including the 2 page
nomination form, the one page listing of the team members, and the Coast Guard Award
Recommendation, Form CG-1650.
    h. If a nominee is outside of the nominating office or outside of DHS, written
concurrence (an e-mail is generally sufficient) is required from the individual nominee’s
office/component or agency, which confirms agreement for that employee to be a team member.
    i. All nominations should be concise, descriptive, and fully outline achievements related
to the award for which the employee is nominated.
    j. Email endorsed nomination packages to The Civilian
Awards Review Board will function as an advisor to the Commandant, review nominations for
approval, and then forward to DHS for final consideration. The Board’s representation
includes both military and civilian members.
6. All nominations must be received by COMDT (CG-124), no later than 28 May 2019. Extensions
will not be granted. Incomplete submissions or nominations that exceed four pages will not
be accepted. Nomination packages must be submitted to:
7. You are strongly encouraged to take full advantage of this opportunity by nominating
deserving military members and civilian employees for recognition in the appropriate award
categories above.
8. Nominating commands must be prepared to fund and arrange travel for award recipients
selected to attend the DHS Secretary’s Award Ceremony in Washington, D.C. on 06 NOV 2019.
Nominating commands are hereby authorized, at your discretion, to fund and issue invitational
and/or permissive travel orders IAW REF (A).
9. Address questions to Ms. Brooke M. Lawson (252) 489-9860,, or
Ms. Ruth M. Shields (202) 795-6254,
10. RDML M. W. Sibley, Acting Assistant Commandant for Human Resources, sends.
11. Internet release is authorized.