ALCGRSV 014/19 - Enlisted Reserve Advancement Announcement (ERAA) NO. 5-19

united states coast guard

19 APR 19

UNCLAS //N01430//
ALCGRSV 014/19
SUBJ:  Enlisted Reserve Advancement Announcement (ERAA) NO. 5-19
A. Enlisted Accessions, Evaluations and Advancements Manual, COMDTINST
B. Reserve Policy Manual, COMDTINST M1001.28C
C. Weight/Physical Fitness Standards for Coast Guard Military
Personnel, COMDTINST M1020.8H
1.  The following members are eligible for advancement or change in
rating to fill Selected Reserve vacancies 1 May 2019,
provided the requirements of Art. 3.A of REF A and Art. 7.C.1 of
REF B are met.
2.  Commanding Officers shall immediately notify those members eligible
for advancement and take the appropriate administrative action. 
Commanding Officers may withhold or cancel advancements of ineligible
personnel IAW REFs B and C. When an advancement is withheld or
cancelled, the Commanding Officer shall immediately notify Pay &
Personnel Center (ADV) by email via AOIX at CMD-SMB-CG-PPC and info CMD-SMB-
CG-PSC. Please note C2OIX does not transfer to AOIX.
Rank     Name                 DEPTID               SPOID 
BM1      Nathan Plavcan            000278               046604
BM1      Mark Pagliuca             038662               042632
BM1      Daniel Foley              000366               045431
BM1      Mary Doyle                000328               006420
BM2      Timothy Fine              007220               042632
BM2      Travis Marks              036066               007752
BM2      Katherine Milenski        006796               042822
CS2      Samuel Broyles            007649               042030
GM2      Jefferson Li              007473               045431
ME2      Rebecca Cantu             036440               038079
ME2      Michael Mckinstry         000285               046604
ME2      Nathan Jones              000632               046734
ME2      Travis Major              000640               046604
ME2      Christopher Johnson       038672               042599
MKCS     Ralph Ricapito            007640               006420
MKC      Shawn Spicer              000633               042191
MSTCS    Cobie Lee                 007644               046604
PA2      James Connor              008991               042191
SKCS     Jeane Hand                000367               045431
SKC      Beau Miklethun            038070               038079
SK1      Aaron Ellis               007632               046017
YN1      Danica Vandenberg         008566               042898
3. The rank order number for each individual identified for advancement
in the ERAA is no longer indicated. The original rank order number may
be found at the Pay and Personnel Center website:, but is subject to change. EMPLIDs are not
listed. This ERAA, to include unit designations will be available on PPC's website.
4. POCs for this message are CWO2 David Chenlo, email:, phone: 202-795-6506 or YNC Thomas Maldonado, email:, phone: 202-795-6500
5. Internet release authorized.