ALCGPSC 139/18 - Reserve Command Master Chief, Reserve Command Senior Chief, and Reserve Command Chief Screening Panel Results for Assignment Year 2019

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ALCGPSC 139/18


A. ALCGRSV 022/18
B. Military Assignments and Authorized Absences, COMDTINST M1000.8 (series)
C. Command Senior Enlisted Leader Program, COMDTINST 1306.1 (series)
1. IAW REF A, Commander, Personnel Service Center has approved the report of the Reserve Command Master Chief (RCMC), Reserve Command Senior Chief (RCSC), and Reserve Command Chief (RCC) Screening Panel convened on 09 October 2018.
2. The following members listed alphabetically have been found to be fully qualified for assignment to Reserve Gold Badge RCMC positions for AY19:
Rank:         Name:                                        Unit:
MECM       Baenen, Richard J.                    D11 COMMAND CADRE (D)
BMCM       Edson, William R.                     PORT SECURITY UNIT 311
MECM       Gilmer, Douglas G.                   D5 COMMAND CADRE (D)
MECM       Gorman, Francis E.                   DIR OF OPERATIONAL LOGISTICS
BMCM       Katchko III, Joseph D.             SEC BUFFALO CMD CADRE
BMCM       Mowery, Andrew D.                 PSU 309 COMMAND STAFF
MKCM       Pellinen, Jarl E.                        SEC LIS CMD CADRE
MSTCM     Schacher, David                       SEC LOWER MISS CMD CADRE
3. The following members listed alphabetically have been found to be fully qualified for assignment to Reserve Silver Badge RCMC/RCSC/RCC positions for AY19:
Rank:       Name:                                       Unit:
MEC         Andrews, Michelle R.             SEC MARYLAND-NCR ENF DIV
BMCS       Boehmer, Carle R.                  CG STA YAQUINA BAY
YNCS       Boulanger, Lena A.                 SEC BOSTON CMD CADRE
MKC        Collins, Christian M.               PSU 311 MAINTENANCE DIV
MKCS      Engles, Eric J.                         PORT SECURITY UNIT 305
MEC        Freeman, Robert M.                 PSU 307 SHORESIDE SECURITY DIV
BMCS      Hays, William D.                     CG STA BRUNSWICK
BMCM     Katchko III, Joseph D.             SEC BUFFALO CMD CADRE
MKCM     LePage, Thomas P.                  SFO ATLANTIC CITY
MECS       McLaughlin, Scott W.             CG STA BELLINGHAM
ISCM        Melton, Joe H.                        BASE NATIONAL CAPITAL REGION
MKCM     Pellinen, Jarl E.                       SEC LIS CMD CADRE
OSCS        Portz, Hallie A.                      SEC PUGET SND CMD CADRE
MECS       Putnam, Brian D.                   PORT SECURITY UNIT 311
BMCM      Ruggiero, Jeffrey R.              SPECIAL MISSIONS TRAINING CTR
BMCS       Smith, Michael F.                  CG STA ANNAPOLIS
MEC         Stidman, Shane M.                SEC SAN DIEGO ENFORCEMENT DIV
4. Successful screening does not guarantee a Gold or Silver Badge assignment. The needs of the Service will guide actual assignments, and selectees will be assigned where their experience best serves the Coast Guard IAW REFs B and C.
5. PCS e-Resumes for all RCMC/RSCS/RCC positions are due NLT 25 November 2018. The AY19 Gold and Silver Badge shopping lists can be found on the CG PSC-RPM-2 website at: Members should only apply for Badge positions they desire to fill. Command endorsements are not required on PCS e-Resumes.
6. The precept, which convened this panel and charged the members with their duties is available on the CG PSC-RPM-1 website at: Although the proceedings of the screening panel, including its deliberations and criteria for selection, cannot be disclosed to any person who was not a member of the panel, panel members do have valuable information that can be shared regarding the general selection process and its fairness and equity.
7. Panel membership and units:
Name:                                                      Unit:
CMC Charles R. Bushey                         COMMANDANT CG-00B
CAPT Franklin H. Schaefer                    PACAREA (35)
CAPT Russell E. Dash                            COMMANDANT CG-68
CDR Michael E. Ruwe                            CGRU USNORTHCOM
CMC Kurt Shoemaker                             LANTAREA
CMC Robert J. Pasqua                            D9 COMMAND CADRE
CMC Janine M. Tschantz-Hahn               D7 COMMAND CADRE
8. Questions regarding the screening panel should be directed to CAPT Michael Wampler, Chief, RPM, at: (202) 795-6499 or Questions regarding shopping lists should be directed to YNCM Andray James, at: (202) 795-6526 or
9. Released by: CAPT G. T. Prestidge, Commander, Personnel Service Center.
The Service Center for Our Most Important Resource - Our People.
10. Internet release authorized.