Update: Inspection and Certification of Seed Potato Tuber Exports from Canada

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On August 6, 2014, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) notified (see link below) the Canadian seed potato industry that they will continue to conduct seed potato tuber inspections and certifications for all seed potato shipments until the United States  and Canada can implement a mutually acceptable alternative process for the certification of seed potato shipments to the United States. This will ensure that imported Canadian seed potatoes are fully compliant with all U.S. federal and state phytosanitary import requirements.

CFIA provided a schematic (see link below) outlining their role in the inspection and certification process. The chart also indicates areas where CFIA is exploring alternative certification approaches.

In July 2013, CFIA published draft revisions to Directive D-06-04: Seed Potato Tuber Quality Management Program (SPTQMP). The SPTQMP is an audit-based program that allows Canadian growers or their designated representatives to conduct shipping point inspections and to issue related documentation for seed potatoes for domestic movement or for export to the United States.  The draft revision would have made the program mandatory for all Canadian seed potato growers.  In response to U.S. concerns, CFIA discontinued the use of SPTQMP in January 2014 for the certification of seed potatoes exported to the United States and has been conducting all required inspection and certification activities.


If you have any questions, please contact Richard Zink (Richard.T.Zink@aphis.usda.gov) or Terri Dunahay (Terri.G.Dunahay@aphis.usda.gov).