Asian Gypsy Moth Industry Notice on Vessel Inspection and Certification Requirements

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Asian Gypsy Moth Industry Notice (For full text please see link below)

February 2014

 Asian gypsy moth (AGM) is a serious pest that can be carried on the superstructure of ships and cargo. AGM populations are prevalent in some seaport areas in Far East Russia, Japan, Korea, and Northern China. It is a quarantine pest for both Canada and the United States. If introduced, AGM could have significant negative impacts on the North American forests and agriculture, commerce that relies on those plant resources, and to market access. Canada and the U.S. are working together to manage AGM risk at origin through the vessel pre-departure certification program.

For vessels which have called on areas regulated for AGM during the specified periods, as outlined the attached Notice, the following measures are required:


  1.  Vessels must be inspected and must obtain pre-departure certification
  2. Vessels must arrive in North American ports free from AGM
  3. Vessels must provide two year port of call data, at least 96 hours prior to arrival in a North American port, to the Canadian or U.S. agent

It is important that inspection and certification be conducted as close to time of departure as feasible. It is also of vital importance that a ship’s crew ensures freedom from AGM by conducting inspection of the ship superstructure while en route to North America and removing and destroying all life stages of AGM detected.


For more detailed information please see the attached Notice (linked below).