AmeriCorps Members Continue Recovery Efforts in South Carolina

South Carolina Recovery Efforts Continue

AmeriCorps St. Louis present to the South Carolina long term recovery group

The AmeriCorps St. Louis Emergency Response Team (Bruce Bailey and Jonathan Falk) present to the Edisto LTRC in Orangeburg County on the Fast Track Repairs process on November 23, 2015.

AmeriCorps members with the AmeriCorps St. Louis ERT and the Conservation Corps of Minnesota and Iowa continue to support response and recovery efforts following the severe flooding in October. Activities include project management of new Fast Track Repairs process, data management, and providing technical assistance and support to the state VOAD, local VOADS, and the establishment of Long Term Recovery Groups throughout the state

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Texas: AmeriCorps Makes a Difference

AmeriCorps members with AmeriCorps NCCC and St. Bernard Project assist with volunteer coordination efforts in Texas recovery operations.

AmeriCorps members with AmeriCorps NCCC and St. Bernard Project assist with volunteer coordination efforts in Texas recovery operations. 

When communities are hit with disasters, it is volunteers who make the biggest difference in helping families recover and rebuild. And that need is not just in the weeks following the event, but for months and years to come. FEMA videographer Samir Valeja and photographer Andrea Booher take a look at what it means to be a volunteer active in disaster. 

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Equal Justice Works

Disaster Legal Corps

The Disaster Legal Corps seeks to change the lives of victims of disaster through the provision of high-quality legal services by AmeriCorps members who are lawyers and law students. Years after Superstorm Sandy, victims are still seeking the help of full-time lawyer member Sarah Hollender. Sarah’s client, “Gerry,” is a 59 year-old man who works for the NYC Parks Department. The two-family home he owns in Far Rockaway, Queens, suffered wind and flood damage during Sandy and like many Sandy victims, he lacked flood insurance to cover the bulk of the damage. Immediately after the storm, Gerry quickly hired a local contractor to make repairs in order to bring the house up to a livable standard. Unfortunately, the contractor was unscrupulous and took advantage of Gerry in his time of need. Before any repair work had even started, the contractor misled Gerry into signing loan documents that falsely stated the repairs had been completed, allowing the contractor to obtain immediate payment. Having already been paid, the contractor did very little in repairs to Gerry’s home and as a result Gerry filed a complaint with the NYC Department of Consumer Affairs, which regulates contractors. Because Gerry could not afford a traditional attorney, he initially represented himself in negotiations with the contractor, who was able to afford representation. He found the negotiations overwhelming and was not making progress towards an acceptable resolution. Eventually, Gerry contacted New York Legal Assistance Group’s Storm Response Unit and was put in touch with Fellow Sarah Hollender. After analyzing the complicated background of the case, Sarah assisted Gerry in obtaining the evidence necessary to prove he had been harmed by the contractor. Gerry identified his ongoing repair needs, and Sarah helped arranged for a free estimate from a pro bono contractor. Sarah then helped represent Gerry over several court hearings. In December 2014, a written order was issued fully vindicating Gerry, and awarding him $30,500 in funds. The fraudulent contractor was fined more than $50,000.

Link2Health Solutions

Link2Health Solutions is currently recruiting youth/young adult (ages 13-24) volunteer bloggers for the ‘You Matter’ website, which is a youth/young adult-driven online “movement  to spread the word that your problems, your worries, your fears, and above all you—unique and real you—matter. And because just about everyone—at some point—hits the wall, we’re here to help.”

Although You Matter primarily focuses on suicide prevention, they're looking to recruit blogger(s) that have an interest & can write about the emotional impacts of natural and human-caused disasters on youth & young adults. Blog topics could include personal accounts of emotional recovery following a disaster; providing peer support; engaging in self-care; youth/young adult disaster volunteer stories of helping communities recover, and what that volunteer work meant to them personally; interviews with first responders & others engaged in the field, etc.

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December 17, 2015

Volunteer Reception Training for ServeDC

Members participate in a VRC training hosted by CNCS at ServeDC


The CNCS Disaster Services Unit in partnership with ServeDC hosted training on Volunteer Reception Centers and Management of Spontaneous Volunteers for ServeDC AmeriCorps members and community volunteers. Training partners included staff from FEMA, DC VOAD, Points of Light Foundation, and DC Homeland Security and Emergency Management. Attendees learned how to manage an influx of volunteers following disasters and how to develop a plan to set up and manage volunteer reception centers. 


National Service Assets in Times of Disaster

This document lists the national service resources available for disaster assistance.

New Disaster Events

For information on new disaster events, please visit FEMA’s daily situation report.

CNCS Disaster Services Knowledge Network

This online network provides a place to share what works at the intersection of disaster services and national service.

Disaster Preparedness

To learn more about how to prepare your family and community, please visit

Disaster Distress Helpline


The Disaster Distress Helpline provides 24/7, year-round crisis counseling and support. The Helpline is staffed by trained counselors from a network of crisis call centers located across the United States, all of whom provide:

  • Crisis counseling for those who are in emotional distress related to any natural or human-caused disaster
  • Information on how to recognize distress and its effects on individuals and families
  • Tips for healthy coping
  • Disaster-specific resources and referral information.