EHC Update: Draft Report on Patient Safety in Ambulatory Settings; Eisenberg Center 2015 Conference Presentations Now Available

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The following have been posted to the Effective Health Care Web site:

Draft Report

The following draft report is available for comment until December 30, 2015:

Patient Safety in Ambulatory Settings. To access and comment, go to

To access all EHC topics currently available for comment, go to

Eisenberg Center Annual Conference Series

Engaging Patients in the Uptake, Understanding, and Use of Evidence: Addressing Barriers and Facilitators of Successful Engagement. This September 2015 conference hosted nine nationally prominent experts in patient engagement who addressed the following topics: 1) understanding patient engagement conceptually and contextually; 2) overcoming barriers to patient engagement; 3) activating facilitators of patient engagement; and 4) presenting case studies of successful interventions for increasing patient engagement. To access the archived presentations from this conference go to

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