CSE Champions Bulletin - January 2016


CSE Champions Bulletin
January 2016

Clare Livens, CSE Project Manager

Clare Livens, CSE Project Manager updates on her work in the last three months, working with practitioners and young people to gain a better understanding of what needs to be done in Essex.

CSE Networking forums

There will be two networking forums per year in each quadrant, the themes will be the same across all eight sessions, so you would only need to attend one to receive your annual update. The CSE champions bulletins will increase to four per year and you will receive them directly into your inbox in January, April, July and September. The forums will be held in May and June and October and November and dates will be advertised on the Learning and Development section of the website.

The forums will focus on

  • Opportunities for further learning and development nationally and locally
  • Organised networking
  • Place for local practice, protocols, examples of good practice
  • What multi-agency audits tell us

CSETT update

The Child Sexual Exploitation Triage Team sit within Essex Police and are responsible for the gathering and triaging of information and intelligence around CSE.  Information and intelligence about suspected CSE activity is reported, via the CSE1 Form and/or CSE Risk Assessments, from any organisation across the Southend, Essex and Thurrock partnerships, as well as local community information, police and the general public. Forms or Risk Assessments should be emailed to CSETT@essex.pnn.police.uk

If it is a Child Protection Referral then the referrer (referring agency) must use the established Child Protection pathway. A Child Protection referral would be required where there is concern that a child is suffering or is likely to suffer significant harm.

If the referral has an urgent safeguarding requirement or it is believed criminal offences have been disclosed, then the referral route is through the Essex Police Force Control Room (999 or 101).  The Police Command and Control process will be used to allocate the referral for progression by the appropriate team. CSETT will be made aware of the referral.

Missing Child

Police have altered their Policy and Procedure in regards to Missing Children. Any person under the age of 18 will never be recorded as ‘Absent’ and will always be recorded as a ‘Missing Person’.

Where a person reported missing is located, a vulnerability interview will be completed as soon as possible after their return, in any case within 24 hours. A Vulnerability interview replaces the ‘Safe and Well Check’ and is a more in-depth discussion that allows for a comprehensive understanding of the Missing episode and safeguarding opportunities to be explored. The Vulnerability interview content is assessed and reviewed by the Missing Person Liaison Officers and shared with social care/referred to local MACE meetings as appropriate.

CARE (Child At Risk of Exploitation) project

CARE is a project run by the Children's Society the offers support to young people who are at medium to high risk of CSE and their families.

Since CARE has been established on the 1st November 2015 they have received 40 referrals for one to one support, and these remain consistent.  Unfortunately they cannot hold a waiting list due to the levels of risk and are working hard to get back to referrers as soon as possible.  If you are waiting feedback then please call 01245 493311.  They also offer group work for high risk young people and welcome calls from parents who may have concerns for their child (office hours only).  All referral forms, referral criteria and service information can be found at www.eypdas.org.uk

Recruiting opportunity - The Children's Society are looking for someone to join the team to work with victims of CSE with an added specialism of boys and young men.  This worker will work with both males and females but seek to increase identification of boys and young men as victims of CSE, ensuring that CSE tools meet the needs of this group.  If you are interested in applying and joining CARE please visit this website.

SET CSE Strategy

The joint Southend, Essex and Thurrock (SET) CSE Strategy is available to view on the ESCB website.

CSE toolkit

And finally, please remember the CSE toolkit which is available from the ESCB website, as well as other local and national resources. There is a page specifically for practitioners on everything to do with CSE, why not save this page under your favourites for easy access and to check for updates.  

TRAINING: Working with young people at risk of or experiencing CSE

This course on 2 March 2016 will cover:

~ Understanding the issue, risk factors, identification and how to respond

~ Understanding why victims are difficult to engage with and explore methods to overcome this

~ Understanding of the law in relation to CSE

~ What are the latest recognised models of CSE?

~ Examples of good practice and useful resources in working with young people

Find out more and book.

CSE National awareness day – 18th March

Essex, along with Southend and Thurrock Safeguarding Children Boards are launching their web-based I didn't know CSE campaign to coincide with the CSE National Awareness Day on 18th March – look out for more information about this soon. We hope all our champions will support us in promoting this campaign.

Seriously awkward campaign

The Seriously Awkward campaign is run by the Children’s Society and based on the challenges we see teenagers facing in our services across the country. Evidence shows that despite 16 and 17 year olds being more at risk of exploitation, they do not get the protection and support they need to stay safe.

Parents against child sexual exploitation (PACE) website

The Parents against child sexual exploitation (PACE) website is a really useful resource, for parents and we encourage you to familiarise yourself with the information available including an online learning course for parents, in order to share with parents you may work with.