Peninsula Pensions special bulletin - August 2014

Pensions Line Special

Dear colleague

LGPS 2014 – How are you getting on?


Please note that the LGPC secretariat has published an employer briefing note entitled LGPS 2014 – How are you getting on?  

Additional information has been added by Peninsula Pensions to supplement it and a copy is available on our website. Please refer to this version and not the version on the LGPS website.

The briefing note provides you with a summary of the aspects of the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) 2014 reforms. These reforms mean changes to the information that your organisation as a Scheme employer has to hold and provide to your Pension Fund administering authority.

This document allows you to review your practices a few months in and check that these are consistent with the requirements of the new Scheme.

Additional Pensions Contributions (APCs)

This is a reminder for employers to send Peninsula Pensions the APC employer confirmation form together with a copy of the member’s election form. The employer confirmation form tells us that the details on the member’s election form are correct, what the dates of the absence are and when it has been actioned. A link to the guide and forms can be found herePlease contact Viv Ray if you have any questions.   

Please contact me if you need any more information.


Emma Shand, Employer Liaison Officer