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July 2013




The Investment and Pension Fund Committee met on 7 June 2013.The minutes of the meeting can be found here


Important information for academies and maintained schools proposing to become academies has been announced.  Please also see copies of the Written Ministerial Statement and the Parliamentary Minute

The LGA has issued a briefing note for employers relating to the LGPS 2014 proposals

Auto Enrolment
Now some of our employers have passed their staging dates we would like to share the experience with you. The  information can be found here

We need your help
Those of you at the PLOG will know that we are introducing Member Self Service (MSS) which will allow members to look at their individual pension record online. In order for members to do this we must have their email addresses. We should be grateful if you would assist us by sending a spreadsheet of your members' email addresses, including their National Insurance number and Pay Reference to our shared inbox. Any questions please contact Jane Aplin


DCLG Consultation - LGPS 2014
A third period of statutory consultation on regulations for the new LGPS from April 2014 started on 20 June 2013. The closing date for responses is 2 August 2013. Read the DCLG consultation document on the DCLG website

DCLG Discussion Paper – new governance arrangements LGPS 2014
A discussion paper exploring the five specific sections of the Public Service Pensions Act 2013 which impacts on the governance arrangements of the new LGPS was published on 20 June 2013 by DCLG.  It invites comments to a number of questions posed. The responses to these questions will allow DCLG to start work on the drafting of regulations on governance for consultation later this year. The closing date for responses to the paper is 30 August 2013. Read the new governance arrangements LGPS 2014 discussion paper on the DCLG website


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The Starters Pack will now be enclosed with Statutory Notifications to new scheme members.  There is no longer a need for employers to ask new employees to complete details relating to previous pensionable service, Expression of Wish or Cohabiting nomination forms

Action points

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The LGA has announced training sessions specifically for employers on the LGPS 2014 including preparing your payroll systems for the changes. Details can be found on the LGA website

Admin roundup

Pension Liaison Officer Group meeting on 2 July Thank you to all that were able to attend. A copy of the presentation slides and Q&As are now available on our website 

Flexible Retirement

We have combined the leaver's form (EAS13) and change in hours (EAS1C) form for anyone who is taking flexible retirement, so you no longer have to fill in two forms. The new form has been loaded onto our website and is ready to use

The Quarterly report is now available

Fund / investment updates can be found here

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