Heart of the South West Devolution - Newsletter 4

Heart of the South West

6 November 2015

Welcome to the fourth weekly update from the Heart of the South West Devolution Programme Management Office. Please share this newsletter with colleagues and in your own communications.

This week, we’ve collated news of the latest devolution deals to show what others are saying, doing, and thinking.

In the coming week our theme leads will complete their first drafts of their chapters, including offers, asks and outcomes. After a discussion on ambition and scope at the meeting of Leaders and Chief Executives on 12 November, those chapters will be combined into a single draft which we will develop into the final Bid. Further work on evidence base, targets etc will continue and be fed into the draft. 

On 4 November Somerset County Council’s Cabinet endorsed the approach being taken to produce the bid by the deadline of 18 December. That report can be read here and adapted for partner’s use.

Also, a resource pack is being finalised and will be distributed to partner authorities very soon. It will include a library of presentation slides and outline report templates to help prepare partners prepare their decision-making processes.

If you would like to give us any feedback on this newsletter, or would like more information on any of the topics discussed, please email us on DevolutionPMO@somerset.gov.uk and our team will gladly help you.

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Heart of the South West Devolution Programme Management Office

New Devolution Deals

Sheffield Devolution Deal announced on 2 October

On 2 October the Chancellor confirmed a devolution deal for Sheffield giving them greater control over transport, planning, growth funding, skills provision, employment support, business support and infrastructure.

North East Devolution Deal announced on 23 October

This deal for the North East Combined Authority devolves powers and funds to deliver employment support and skills provision, business support inward investment and innovation, housing and planning, transport integration, rural growth, some regulatory functions and a commission on health and social care integration. 

Tees Valley Devolution announced on 23 October

The Tees Valley Devolution Agreement, also announced on the 23 October, devolves power to create an investment fund, control over growth-boosting budgets, freedom to review the education, skills and employment system, and set up a land commission. It also devolves business support and a multi-year transport budget.

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Timeline to submit our bid

 Now: Theme groups finalising their draft chapters.

12 November: Early Leader and Chief Executive meeting to discuss draft proposals.

13 November: Draft chapters passed to the Programme Management Office to be compiled into a single draft bid.

20 November: Single draft bid distributed to partners for comment.

20 November – 18 December: Reworking of the draft bid and formal approval of the bid by individual partners.

25 November: Leader and Chief Executive meeting to examine the detailed draft

18 December: Formal submission of our devolution bid to Government.