Heart of the South West Devolution - Newsletter 3

Heart of the South West

30 October 2015


Welcome to the third weekly update from the Heart of the South West Devolution Programme Management Office. Please share this newsletter with colleagues and in your own communications.

In the next week or so theme leads will arrive at a position where they can circulate and test a high level ‘scope’ with HotSW Leaders and Chief Executives in advance of meetings on the 12th and 25th November.

If you would like to give us any feedback on this newsletter, or would like more information on any of the topics discussed, please email and our team will gladly help you.

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Heart of the South West Devolution Programme Management Office

12 November meeting

A meeting of Leaders and Chief Executives on the 12th November will look at the proposals for each theme, how we can add more value, and where there may be issues for partners and their communities. We will also be introduced to the process that the Government will follow when negotiating with us.

25 November meeting

A second meeting of Leaders and Chief Executives will take place on the 25th November to consider and test the detailed draft bid. This will include the ‘asks’ we may want to make of Government.

Democratic sign-off

Partners are now beginning to look at their democratic processes and what needs to be done to seek approval for the bid document, including appropriate scrutiny. This will give Members and the public an opportunity to view and comment on the devolution bid as it develops.

Timeline to submit our bid

Now: Theme groups developing and refining draft chapters.

12 November: Early Leader and Chief Executive meeting to discuss draft proposals.

13 November: Draft chapters passed to the Programme Management Office to be compiled into a single draft bid.

20 November: Single draft bid distributed to partners for comment.

20 November – 18 December: Reworking of the draft bid and formal approval of the bid by individual partners.

25 November: Leader and Chief Executive meeting to examine the detailed draft.

18 December: Formal submission of our devolution bid to Government.

Devo Next

Background reading

The Local Government Association has created an information hub on their website. Called Devo Next. It includes resources on issues relating to devolution, useful tools, and a register of what areas across England are doing to deliver devolution.