Insight e-bulletin December 2014

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Insight e-bulletin December 2014 - economic information


Working Futures employment projections

Working Futures Coventry & Warwickshire 2012 - 2022 - PDF

Read a report summarising employment projections for Coventry and Warwickshire taken from the Working Futures data set. Working Futures uses economic modelling techniques and projects a significant increase in the number of jobs across the sub region by 2022.


Coventry jobs by industry 2013

Employment at Coventry workplaces by industry 2013 - PDF

Recently published data reveal that the local manufacturing and construction industries grew significantly in 2013, driving overall jobs growth across Coventry. For more detail read the linked short report.


New business formation 2013

Business formation time series chart - PNG picture

An estimated 1,490 new businesses opened in Coventry in 2013 and 980 businesses closed in that time. The business formation rate increased significantly from 1,090 in 2012, the linked chart shows trends for recent years.


Welfare Reform

 Welfare Reform - one year on report - PDF

Read a report on how the national welfare reform measures have impacted on Coventry residents one year on from their introduction.


Jobseeker's Allowance claimant count October 2014

Claimant count time series chart - PNG picture

The number of Coventry residents claiming Jobseeker's Allowance (JSA) has continued to fall quickly, reaching 5,507 in October 2014. The claimant count trend is not currently a reliable indicator of how unemployment is changing because new sanction rules are a factor in the declining count. Unemployment has not been falling to the same extent and employment amongst residents has not been increasing recently.