Insight e-bulletin July 2014

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Insight e-bulletin July 2014

Updated Coventry Headline Statistics July 2014

The new population estimate of all Coventry residents has been released. The 2013 mid-year population estimate for Coventry is 329,800 residents, up from 323,100 in 2012. This is the official up to date figure for Coventry which should be used when quoting the population or using population figures in calculations.

This July 2014 of Coventry Headline Statistics includes the new 2013 population estimates by age plus newly released statistics on births, fuel poverty, JSA claimants, employment & unemployment, crime rates and NEETs.

Updated Key Economic Information July 2014

The Coventry Economy: Key Information - PDF

  • An estimated 137,900 working age Coventry residents are in employment - en employment rate of 66% compared to 72% nationally.
  • An estimated 12,300 residents aged 16+ are unemployed - an unemployment rate of 8.1% compared to 7.1% nationally. The recently published data gives an indication that unemployment amongst residents has been on downward trend recently.
  • The Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA) claimant count in Coventry continues to fall – in June 2014 6,752 residents claimed JSA, down from 7,227 in May. This fall is more because of sanctions than falling unemployment.
  • During the last quarter, quarter 2 2014, the number of empty shops in Coventry City Centre decreased by 2 to a total of 55. Over that period footfall was up slightly compared to last year