LSCB 5 Minute Briefing - New Risk Assessment Tool for Child Exploitation

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lscb 5 min briefing

New Risk Assessment Tool for Child Exploitation

Child Exploitation RAT

The new multi-agency risk assessment tool for Child Exploitation will be in place from the 1st October 2018. From this date any new assessments and all reviews of risk undertaken must use this tool. Practitioners must continue to use the current tool until the 1st October.

Where to find the tool 

The tool is accessed via the LSCB documents library, the document is in the ‘Appendices and Protocols’ section and is titled ‘LSCB Child Exploitation Risk Assessment Tool 2018’. The tool should be completed electronically, the document is an interactive pdf and the boxes expand as you type.

Children's Services staff can access the tool via ICS documents library. 

How was the tool developed? 

The tool has been developed through joint multi-agency consultation and has been presented at three district based workshops that practitioners were invited to attend, to provide feedback and test out the tool in practice.   

What’s changed? 

The tool has been designed to include all aspects of child exploitation, not just CSE.  The revised risk assessment tool separates out vulnerabilities and harms, allows for more analysis and aligns to Signs of Safety methodology. The categories are as follows: 

  • No category
  • CSE Category 1
  • CSE Category 2
  • CSE Category 3
  • Other form of exploitation 

Process for completing the tool 

As with the previous tool, the new tool must be reviewed a minimum of 3 monthly, on a multi-agency basis, sooner if a significant event has occurred. All children with an identified child exploitation risk will need to have an individual safety plan.  

Any comments… 

We propose to review the new assessment tool in January 2019 to help ensure its effectiveness. If you have any feedback on the new tool this can be sent to  and will be used to inform the review.