LSCB 5 Minute Briefing - Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health Guide for Professionals

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lscb 5 min briefing

Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health Guide for Professionals

ewmh guide for professionals

The recently developed Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Guide is intended to help professionals know how to most appropriately respond when a Child or Young Person (CYP) they are working with shows signs of struggling to cope.  

The guide covers a spectrum of signs and behaviours which may be symptomatic of a range of levels of need in relation to their emotional and mental wellbeing. These may be temporary or easily resolved or more complex and in need of an urgent response. It is not intended to be a diagnostic tool - more a document to refer to when faced with a change in the behaviour of the Child or Young Person (CYP) or the development of worrying symptoms. 

The guide recognises that each CYP is an individual and it is often as basic as a change from their normal presentation that highlights that something is wrong and that they need someone to take time to try to understand why this is. The guide also recognises the role of family and friends in helping to respond when this may be more appropriate than engaging professionals and clinicians in the response.  

It goes on to list appropriate responses, assessment tools and services relevant to the level of need at the time. 

The overall aim is to provide a response at the earliest stage for the CYP – at the point that they need it, initially engaging those who they know best and who may be in a better position to help. CYP involved in the development of the Guide and in the consultation following this told us that often it was a trusted teacher, pastoral care worker or Youth worker who they wanted to talk with about their difficulties. This guide is intended to build confidence in those people to be able to know better how to respond at that time and where to refer on to when required.  

The Guide is available on the Cumbria LSCB Website under Professionals and then Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health. 

If you have any queries in relation to the Guidance - please contact