LSCB 5 Minute Briefing - Updates to the Early Help Assessment Form (November 2017)

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lscb 5 min briefing

Updates to the Early Help Assessment Form


From 15th November 2017 you will notice that the Early Help Assessment Form looks slightly different on the website. We have changed the layout to reflect some of the feedback from people using the form - have made it landscape, contained key dates to a top bar and simplified the language used in the areas to record the assessment information.

This in no way changes what we want people to record - the process isn’t changing - its just about changing the language and how the prompts are worded. As well as this we have added  some tools for capturing the views of Young People about their circumstances and what they want to have considered as part of the assessment. This came about as a result of audits - where the voice of the Young Person involved was not always as embedded as it should or could be. The pages have been put together  by a group of Young People. The different styles reflect the different approaches they believe their peers might want to take. We hope that it will be easier to identify a style that will encourage individuals to become involved in their own assessment and plan.

For any advice regarding the new paperwork please contact your Early Help Officer who will be able to respond to any issues you may have with it.