LSCB 5 Minute Briefing - Template for Child Protection Conference Reports

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lscb 5 min briefing

Template for Child Protection Conference Reports


A Child Protection Conference Report Template and guidance has been endorsed by the LSCB and will be rolled out county wide as of tomorrow, 25 May 2017.

The new template, with guidance notes, is designed to assist agencies in providing key relevant information for conference. In addition to the report template a chronology template has also been designed which agencies can use to gather information in a set format.

It is the expectation of the LSCB that all agencies, with the exception of Cumbria County Council Children & Families Services, Paediatricians and Police, will use this template for conference reports.

Why have we developed a new template?

Following a rise in the number of children on Child Protection Plans in Cumbria the LSCB undertook a piece of work to try and identify the reasons why. A number of recommendations were made and an action plan was put into place to address the issues raised. In addition to this work district based multi-agency workshops have been held.

At the multi-agency workshops practitioners identified a number of issues, including:

  • Reports for parents are confusing when written in different formats
  • Reports coming to conferences on the day can affect the ability to make informed decisions
  • Parents are not able to make comments on information about them if the report is not shared with them prior to the conference

What are the benefits of the new template?

  • Parents see the report beforehand so there are no surprises on the day
  • Practitioners look at risk before the conference and use the tools
  • The chronology template can be used to gather information in a set format and is easy to find
  • Time scales are clear and practitioners know what they are working to
  • The template encourages the pulling out of positives and strengths so that there are building blocks to start working with
  • The child’s voice is sought
  • Using the signs of safety as a guide to writing the report helps us all to think in a joined up way using common language and models

Sharing the report with the family

It is good practice for reports that are submitted to a Child Protection Conference to be shared with the parents or carers of the child in advance of the meeting. The LSCB is asking that all professionals who attend a Child Protection Conference or Review make every effort to share their report with the family at least two working days before an initial conference and five working days prior to a review conference.  This will help them to make a meaningful contribution to the meeting and is likely to support decision-making within the meeting. This in turn will lead to improved planning and improved outcomes for the children.

Where can I find the new template and guidance?

The report and chronology templates can be accessed on the LSCB website and can also be found in our Policy & Procedures Manual documents library.

What happens next?

Agencies should use the new template from 25th May 2017. The IRO Service will include a link to the template in their invite to conference emails.  As per current LSCB policy, reports should be shared with the conference Chair prior to the conference.