Cumbria LSCB Newsletter - December 2016 - REVISED VERSION

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Learning from Serious Case Reviews (SCR's)

Sharing learning from serious case reviews in order to improve safeguarding practice is vital. We use the recommendations from case reviews to improve safeguarding of children & young people.

Many of the recent SCR reports identified that practitioners were unable to provide a succinct account of relevant family history and past agency contact and/or they failed to take this into consideration in their assessments.

Why is this important? This is important because it helps to provide a context for understanding how the past affected the present and it aids the understanding of the ‘why and how’. Past history is the best predictor of future harm, so chronologies are really important. What does the chronology tell us about parental capacity to change?  Assessments forecast the future by reviewing past events. Above all else, it’s about impact on child, so it’s important to sift through which information is relevant and which isn’t in relation to the family history.

More information

The NSPCC published ‘Ten pitfalls and how to avoid them’

Chronology and Case Summary Practice Guidance (July 2015) (click here)

Early Help Resource Directory

Cumbria LSCB has an Early Help resource directory where you can find information and details about organisations and services that support children and families.

Early Help Resource Directory 

Adolescent Neglect

The Children's Society has published a report on the links between parenting and adolescent neglect.  Key findings include: neglected young people were significantly more likely to behave in ways which risked their health or jeopardised their future opportunities; teenagers who reported suffering neglect in relation to two or more categories of parenting behaviour had significantly worse levels of well-being than those who were neglected for one type of parenting in isolation.

Children's Society Report

Further information :

Troubled teens: a study of the links between parenting and adolescent neglect

Policy and Procedures Update

The LSCB is currently updating a number of policies and procedures in their online procedures manual. 13 policies and procedures are being updated these include: Child Sexual Exploitation, Children Missing from Home or Care, Bullying, Fabricated Induced Illness, Female Genital Mutilation, Domestic Abuse and a new procedure for Concealed Pregnancies.  Updates will go live on 23 February 2017.

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Practitioner Forums

The Policy & Procedures Sub Group attended the November Practitioner Forums and delivered a workshop on the Working with Uncooperative Families – Disguised Compliance procedure. The group visited the forums to try and raise awareness of the online procedures manual and to also take the opportunity to meet with practitioners to help get a better understanding of any difficulties which may arise in translating policy into everyday practice. Over 100 practitioners attended these events and the group would like to say a big thank you to all those who took part.

The January forums will include a workshop on Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) which will be delivered by members of the LSCB Child Sexual Exploitation & Missing from Home Sub Group.

Please support your local LSCB Practitioner Forum

More information and further dates can be found on the LSCB Website

Multi-Agency Training

As part of its Learning and Improvement Strategy, the LSCB provides a series of multi-agency safeguarding training and learning events, and opportunities which include core safeguarding training events, specialised courses, along with briefing sessions and conferences.  Cumbria LSCB multi-agency safeguarding training is offered free to staff and volunteers who come into contact with children, young people and/or families.

Young Carers