Audit Scotland enewsletter - July 2013

Audit Scotland

Newsletter - July 2013

Future of NFI decided

The UK government has confirmed that the dedicated National Fraud Initiative (NFI) team from the Audit Commission will be retained and, together with the statutory powers that make effective data-matching possible, be transferred to the Cabinet Office.  

Audit Scotland currently runs the exercise in Scotland with support from the Audit Commission in England; however, the Commission is due to close in 2015. 

The 2012/13 National Fraud Initiative exercise will carry on unaffected. 

Audit Scotland looks forward to working with the Cabinet Office, the Northern Ireland Audit Office and Welsh Audit Office to ensure the continuing success of the NFI which has identified over £1 billion of fraud, overpayments and other errors across the UK since it was established in 1996.

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New-look annual review published

Annual review

Audit Scotland has published a new interactive electronic annual review to accompany its annual report and accounts for 2012/13.

The PDF hosts interactive features such as pop-up graphics and statistics on our work, our performance and our organisation. 

Among the year’s highlights are completing 214 annual audits on time and publishing 26 performance and Best Value reports; the reduction of our audit fees by 10 per cent, and the positive feedback we have had from the health and college sector on the quality of our work. 

You can view the full annual report and accounts on our website here.

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Audit Scotland’s performance scrutinised

The Auditor General and members of Audit Scotland’s senior management team recently answered questions about our annual report and accounts at a meeting of the Scottish Commission for Public Audit (SCPA).

The SCPA is the parliamentary body which holds us to account and appoints our auditors.

Members asked questions on a range of topics including staffing, our trainees scheme and audit fees. 

They then heard from our appointed auditors who gave our finances a clean bill of health. 

You can read the official report of the meeting on the Scottish Parliament website here.

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Keep up to date with our work

Earlier this year Audit Scotland moved to an electronic distribution system for its national reports. 

If you have received this enewsletter then it is likely that you are already on our mailing list. If, however, someone forwarded this communication to you, then perhaps you would be interested in signing up to receiving information from us.

It is quick and easy to do – just enter your email address here. 

Once you have done that you will be able to specify what you want to receive from us so,  if you are interested in reports on health, but not housing or the economy but not the environment, then you can tailor your preferences to suit. And, of course, you can sign up to receive this enewsletter.

The decision to go electronic was made after a consultation carried out last year. Some key stakeholders are still receiving printed reports but these will be phased out by April of next year.

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