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June 2014 - Texas Parks & Wildlife Magazine

Five beach-y destinations will inspire your summer plans. Do artificial reefs foster more fish or bring more fish to one place? Learn about Texas' fearsome and fascinating scorpions. Carter Smith pays homage to his father for Father's Day. Rockport is a great place to see hummingbirds. Corpus Christi’s Columbus ship replicas may face death knell, and new noise protection bodes well for dolphins and whales.  Meet the leadplant, a prairie stalwart, and find tips for happy outdoor overnight camping with kids. Learn how to get close to nature at Martin Dies, Jr. State Park and why you may feel too close to great-tailed grackles in urban areas.


Feature Articles

A Day at the Beach

Coastal state parks offer myriad ways to enjoy the Texas shores.

open beach shelter on sand dune

By  Rob McCorkle

The advent of summer triggers an innate response in many Texans to head to the nearest sun-kissed beach. Texas is blessed with inviting state parks hugging a shoreline that stretches along more than 300 miles of the Gulf Coast. Choose from a handful of seaside destinations sporting their own personalities — from the southernmost Port Isabel Lighthouse State Historic Site on the lower coast to secluded Sea Rim State Park tucked away on the upper coast near the Texas-Louisiana border. Read more.


Analyzing Artificial Reefs

More fish, or just more fish in one place?

oil rig on Gulf waters

By  Melissa Gaskill

The Gulf of Mexico is calm as divers drop one by one off the side of a boat miles from shore. Water stretches in every direction, with nothing else in sight. But as the divers descend beneath the surface, they see schools of red snapper, several of them impressive in size, swimming around an irregular structure resting on the bottom. Read more.


Fearsome, Fascinating, Fluorescent

Taking the sting out of Texas’ much-maligned scorpions.

blue scorpion on purple background

By  Dale Weisman

Deep inside a wild cave near Austin, I search for something that most people find abhorrent: scorpions. These creepy-crawly arachnids frighten and fascinate us with their crablike pincers and barbed tails.

Notorious for their painful sting and noxious venom, they sometimes invade our homes and even our nightmares. Read more.


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