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Canyoneering, survival tips, purple martin migration secrets
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May 2014 - Texas Parks & Wildlife Magazine

Three guys get away from it all canyoneering in the outback of Big Bend National Park, followed by a story outlining survival tips for those who get lost in the wilderness! The beloved purple martin reveals surprises about its migration. Carter Smith lauds Connie Hagar, the Bird Lady of Rockport. Read up on West Texas’ McDonald Observatory and East Texas turkeys. Find some facts about cannonballs at San Jacinto and snake fans out west. Learn how to make the most of your iPhone’s video capabilities and get tips for how to turn your life jacket into your best friend. 


Feature Articles

Courage and a Rope

Big Bend canyoneering provides high adventure for expert rock climbers.

west texas skyline at dusk

By Russell Roe

Ky Harkey pointed to an unnamed canyon in one of the most remote corners of Big Bend National Park and said that was where we were going.

In the satellite map image, the canyon sliced a dark, jagged gash across the Mesa de Anguila on the westernmost edge of the park. The tall, narrow walls of the gorge blocked out any light, keeping hidden any mysteries inside. Read more.


Staying Alive

If you’re lost in the wild, these seven survival tips could save you.

backpack with contents displayed on ground

By Dawn Bello

Though the park was unfamiliar territory, the couple had hiked rugged backcountry in a nearby area many times.

The weather was pleasant — sunny and warm during the day, with an evening chill necessitating jackets and warm sleeping bags. Their annual trip out to West Texas began like all the others but ended in life-or-death drama. Read more.


Purple Martin Majesty

Unlocking the secrets of a songbird’s amazing journey.

purple martin house on pole near windmill

By Elaine Robbins

The air is filled with a sweet chirruping as purple martins wheel and glide in the sky above a complex of birdhouses set on the gently rolling brushland property northwest of Corpus Christi. Other martins skim a nearby pond for insects or perch on the front stoops of their houses, gossiping with their neighbors. At a long table, a team works quickly to tag one of the birds. Read more.


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