Search Continues for Wildlife Affected by Weekend Oil Spill

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Texas Parks and Wildlife Department

Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) personnel are continuing to look for wildlife affected following the Saturday oil spill in the Houston Ship Channel.

As of Sunday, three birds were taken to a private wildlife rehabilitation service field station for rehabilitation and three birds were found dead. More oiled birds are expected to be found.

Monday, teams of state and federal biologists were checking eastern Galveston Island, Pelican Island and the Bolivar peninsula looking for other affected wildlife.

According to TPWD personnel on the scene, Bolivar Flats is currently a potential hotspot, since it is a significant refuge for birds. Expectations are that oiled birds will fly there and with decreasing temperatures, more impact on birds is expected. High tides could impact further as habitats become inundated.

In addition to the field work underway, TPWD staff are participating in the incident command operation in Texas City and assisting with response activities for reported impacted wildlife. 


How the public can help

  • Don’t pick up or try to assist any oiled wildlife, including birds or marine animals. 
  • If anyone observes impacted wildlife, please call 888-384-2000.

For updates

  • This is an ongoing event. Information will be updated regularly on the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department website.
  • Media inquiries about the oil spill response should be directed to the Joint Incident Command at (409) 978-2788 or by email to: