More METRO Passengers Bid Goodbye to Gridlock and Get on Board

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Release Date: Oct. 23, 2015

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The Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County (METRO) is the region’s largest public transit provider, offering safe, reliable and affordable transportation services about 370,000 times per day. Besides operating more than 1,200 buses on a New Bus Network, METRORail's expanded system includes the Red Line (Main Street and Northline), Green Line (East End) and Purple Line (Southeast). METRO’s services also include: STAR VanpoolMETROLiftHOV lanesHOT lanesBikes-on-Buses/Trains program, Park & Ride, and road improvement projects. Learn more about METRO services at where you will also find information about our T.R.I.P. app, Next Bus Arrival texting and the new digital, interactive rider tool METRO 360 [take a seat].  


81 Million Reasons METRO Is on Right Track and Easing Commutes

riders on rail


METRO's total ridership continued to increase following the addition of two new light-rail lines and the launch of the New Bus Network which create a comprehensive transit system for the region.

For the third consecutive year, METRO topped more than 80 million boardings on our fixed route system.  There were 81,760,532 boardings to close out FY2015, which runs from Oct. 2014 to Sept. 2015.  That is an increase of 0.8 percent, up 679,495 boardings from FY2014.

METRO Rail Ridership Sees Significant Jump

In Sept. 2015, the Green and Purple Lines had a total of 193,871 boardings, demonstrating a steady climb from the May opening of the two rail lines.

caf lrg

Rail ridership along the Red Line saw the biggest growth with a year-to-year increase of 15.2%. The extension of the Red Line, as well as the opening of the Purple and Green Lines brought more options to commuters and translated into 15,251,412 rail boardings for FY2015.

Commuter Service Sees Gains

More customers also took advantage of Park & Ride services in FY2015 with 8,395,814 boardings, up 0.6 percent.

Local bus boardings were just under 58,000,000, a dip of 3.3 percent from the previous year.  The complete overhaul of local bus routes in Aug. 2015 has provided a different yardstick by which to measure future boardings and ridership. 

park & ride bus
local bus

METRO has already seen signs of gain from the new network's broader scope.  Expanded weekend service has led to a 12 percent jump in riders on Saturday and a 28 percent increase in ridership on Sunday, when local bus and light rail are combined.

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"This is certainly a good start and we fully expect even greater numbers after two years when we anticipate a significant increase in ridership," said METRO Chairman Gilbert Garcia.

"This fiscal year starts a new benchmark that will be about the entire system, both local bus and rail," said METRO President and CEO Tom Lambert. 

Other Highlights

METRO has extended its paper transfer pilot program until Dec. 31, 2015.  Paper transfers allow passengers to complete a one-way trip or provide a connection to the local (fixed-route) system.

METRO also extended its current HOV/HOT Lane pilot program until Nov. 30, 2015.  The program increases operating hours of HOV/HOT Lanes along the IH-45 South (Gulf), US-59 Southwest, US-290 Northwest, IH-45 North and US-59 North (Eastex) corridors.