Dallas Animal Services rescues 46 dogs and cats after cruelty complaint


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June 19, 2013                                                               Catherine McManus – Dallas Animal Services

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Dallas Animal Services rescues 46 dogs and cats after cruelty complaint

Dallas - Dallas Animal Services (DAS) was recently awarded custody of 46 dogs and cats seized from a North Dallas home in late April. Dallas Police initially visited the home as part of a health and welfare check. During this visit, Dallas Police identified the need to call in the City's animal cruelty experts at DAS as a result of their concerns. DAS immediately started their investigation and pursued a warrant to seize the animals.

“This is an unfortunate case in which an animal lover became overwhelmed and ended up with more animals than she could properly care for," said DAS Field Manager Adrian Vela. The animals were removed from the home and have been treated for various ailments by the DAS veterinary medical team.

“The impact on DAS to organize this response and provide for the care and treatment of this many animals in this kind of situation comes with a price tag,” said DAS Operations Manager Cate McManus. She estimated the cost to the city for this incident alone at more than $27,000. “It is a difficult time of year for us to execute a larger scale seizure, because we are taking in about 100 animals per day, but we had to act and do what was in the best interests of the animals as well as the citizens involved,” McManus said.

“Now that we have custody of the animals, we are asking for the community’s help in finding homes for them,” said DAS Manager Jody Jones. She also reminded the public to report animal cruelty to DAS or by calling 311.

To provide a home for these and other deserving pets visit Dallas Animal Services at 1818 N Westmorland Road from 11 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Monday through Saturday and noon to 5 p.m. Sunday.