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News from the Nashville Financial Empowerment Center

Partners Helping Us Knock Out Debt

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A local woman was referred to us by our partner agency - Bridges for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.  Working with a sign language interpreter, we identified that she has a dream of living on her own (she has been living with her family) but had major medical debt (over $50,000 owed).  Our team empowered her by helping her call  to confirm her debt and then to apply for assistance through her hospital. 

We are now proud to report that her debt was reduced to ZERO!  Even her accounts in collections were removed.  She now can look forward and work on her dreams of independence. 

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Mayor Karl Dean and the FEC team at United Way celebrating client successes.

Financial Empowerment Takes Center Stage in Nashville

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In a National League of Cities guest blogpost, FEC Director Erik Cole writes about how cities like Nashville benefit from financial empowerment work.   Also, at the upcoming NLC Congress of Cities, to be held in Nashville in November, Cole will be moderating a panel discussion on municipal financial empowerment efforts.

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Since 2013, we have served over 3300 Nashvillians with over 10,000 individual financial counseling sessions. Our clients have reduced their personal debt by over $1.8 million and increased their savings by nearly $500,000. 

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Offering Professional Training to Non-profits

The Nashville FEC has an ongoing partnership with Belmont University's Center for Executive Education.   This Fall, FIVE staff from the FEC and partner organizations like Catholic Charities, Family and Children's Services are earning credit in personal finance - just like our counseling team!

Free Credit-Building Training

On Sept. 15th, the Credit Builders Alliance, sponsored by JP Morgan Chase's Office of Nonprofit Engagement, will be conducting a day-long training for non-profit community-based organizations to enhance their understanding of credit building as an asset building strategy.   To register or for more info.