OWEB Grant Cycle, Application Deadline

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Hello!  Please review this email for important information about OWEB’s upcoming grant cycle.

On October 20, 2014, OWEB will accept Restoration, Land Acquisition,Technical Assistance, Monitoring and Outreach applications. These grants support voluntary efforts by Oregonians to protect and restore healthy watersheds, including actions in support of the Oregon Plan for Salmon and Watersheds and the Oregon Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategy.

Applications must arrive at OWEB’s Salem office by 5:00 p.m. on Monday October 20, 2014. Late applications will not be accepted. 

Download applications and instructions for Acquisition grants at http://www.oregon.gov/OWEB/GRANTS/Pages/acquisition_grants.aspx#Program Guidance, Forms, and Templates.

Access applications for Restoration, Technical Assistance, Monitoring, and Outreach grants at http://apps.wrd.state.or.us/apps/oweb/fiscal/nologin.aspx

 For OGMS questions, call Cyrus Curry at 503-986-5371.

Contact OWEB with questions

For Restoration, Technical Assistance and Outreach, contact OWEB’s Program Representative http://www.oregon.gov/OWEB/docs/RPRmap_new.pdf for your region.
For Land Acquisition, contact Miriam Hulst at miriam.hulst@state.or.us.
For Monitoring, contact OWEB’s Program Representative and Greg Sieglitz at greg.sieglitz@state.or.us.
If you're new to OWEB and our grant program, visit OWEB’s website http://www.oregon.gov/OWEB/Pages/index.aspx.

Funding cap for Technical Assistance Applications

  • There is a $50,000 cap for Technical Assistance applications, as there has been in previous cycles.

Important Information for Restoration Applications

The Regular Grant Program offers responsive grants across the state for competitive proposals based on local ecological priorities. We’re proud that Oregon is a recipient of significant 2014 Pacific Coastal Salmon Recovery Funds (PCSRF) dollars. This is a testament to the great work completed in support of salmon and steelhead habitat in Oregon. NOAA’s top priority for PCSRF dollars, and OWEB’s grant award in support of that priority, is to fund on-the-ground restoration for salmon and steelhead habitat.

OWEB encourages applications to restore and enhance upland habitat, native wildlife habitat, water quality, and native fish habitat. Watershed restoration from ridge-top to ridge-top is an important component of OWEB’s mission.  While there is no OWEB preference for salmon and steelhead restoration projects, we have a unique opportunity to increase the investment in salmon and steelhead habitat projects this year because of the increased amount of PCSRF grant funds.

Eligible projects for OWEB grants using PCSRF dollars are limited to:

  1. Restoration and Acquisition projects that address factors limiting the biological productivity of anadromous salmonids listed under the Endangered Species Act (ESA).  Projects benefiting ESA-listed salmon populations must address the limiting factors and priority actions specified in approved, interim, or proposed Recovery Plans. A very limited number of technical assistance grants for engineering or project designs may also be eligible, only where a resulting restoration project benefiting ESA-listed anadromous salmonids is imminent and highly certain to occur – e.g., all landowners are secured; there are no complicated permitting issues or other unknowns that could delay the restoration work.
  2. Effectiveness monitoring projects that evaluate habitat restoration actions at the watershed or larger scales for ESA-listed anadromous salmonids and/or status and trend monitoring projects that directly contribute to population viability assessments for ESA-listed anadromous salmonids.

If you have projects that meet these requirements, you can help OWEB invest PCSRF funding in your project:

  • Submit top quality projects that meet PCSRF funding eligibility criteria outlined in this email. If you have questions about PCSRF eligibility, contact greg.sieglitz@state.or.us.
  • Due to the high percentage of federal PCSRF dollars available for this grant cycle (and likely in future cycles), OWEB will want to utilize PCSRF dollars when possible. Because of the need for non-federal match when using PCSRF dollars, OWEB encourages you to develop sufficient non-federal match whenever possible. Recommended  projects unable to develop non-federal match are still eligible to be funded with state dollars.


Lauri Aunan
OWEB Grant Program Manager