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Fighting for Adequate K-12 Funding

$7.26 billion education budget heads to Gov. Kate Brown - Statesman Journal 

"I always have said we should fund schools first, but I never said we should underfund them first." - Sen. Chuck Thomsen

No one's happy as Oregon Senate OKs $7.255 billion education bill after rancorous debate - The Oregonian

"In a memorial-style tribute, Sen. Tim Knopp, R-Bend, read aloud the names of about 400 people who had signed a petition urging for more school funding"

Senate passes education bill - The Register-Guard

"Education interests say they’d need at least $7.5 billion for most school districts to avoid raising class sizes, shortening school years or cutting extracurricular programs. . . . Republicans proposed three changes they said would increase the budget to the level that education interests are seeking."

Jobs & Roads - SB 120

Earlier this week SB 120 passed the Senate floor. SB 120 makes it possible for cities and counties to work together on highway improvements when a business wants to start or expand on a highway that will impact more than one community. I'm excited to be able to help cities and counties create jobs and improve critical infrastructure in a way that makes sense for the community. More local control for more local jobs and infrastructure.

What do you think? - SB 941

In the coming days the majority will advance SB 941 to the Senate Floor for a vote. Contact me to let me know what you think about about this bill.

Visitors This Week


Had a great discussion about key issues with realtors from Central Oregon.


Tim Rusk from MountainStar Family Relief Nursery stopped by to meet.


Thank you to Karen Friend from the Central Oregon Intergovernmental Council for stopping by.


I met with Kristina Barragan (center) from the Central Oregon branch of the Alzheimer's Association. They do great work to protect some of our most vulnerable Oregonians and bring awareness for Alzheimer's.

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