SD 12: Week in Review

April 3, 2015



Below is the Senate District 12: Week in Review.  Was not all excitement.




Brian J. Boquist

State Senator

District 12




Senate District 12:  Week in Review


Introduction:  The $7.3 billion K-12 education budget passed the House, and will be voted upon in the Senate next week.  This has raised the media question of the kicker tax credit that may “kick” in June.  Already, the Capitol discussion is how to implement, or determine, the final version of the kicker credit.  Remember, the kicker is a tax credit not a check in the mail.  Likewise, Capitol discussion continues on a transportation package i.e. gas tax in simple terms.  Please remember, if you see something in the newspaper or nightly news, you can check on the actual bill or listen to the actual public hearing online with OLIS.


Senate Committee Actions:  The Senate Veterans & Emergency Preparedness passed out three routine bills with week.  The Committee directed two agencies to implement solutions to veterans issues without the need to pass a new law.  Next week, the Committee will take up discounted hunting licenses for service members, and discharge corrections for service members as a result of federal law changes.  Senate Finance & Revenue referred SB 129A which is a gain share re-direct to the Joint Ways & Means Committee for fiscal analysis along with a sunset determination.  Sunset means the expiration date of the law.  As referred, the bill redirects $28 million to additional K-12 education, $14 million to OSU extension programs statewide, and $14 million to career technical education programs more commonly known as vocational training.   CTE is mostly in high schools and community colleges.  Senate Rules Committee held executive appointment hearings for the new Governor’s appointees to dozens of commissions and boards.  The most important was an appointment to the Oregon Investment Council which oversees $90 billion in Oregon’s retirement fund assets.


Senate Floor Actions:  More than a dozen bills passed the Floor this past week.  Most being technical fixes to problems.  SB 937 banning the retail sale of powdered alcohol was quite interesting.  This product is not on the market yet but it was placed under the authority of the Oregon Liquor Control Commission.  OLCC is responsible for implementing Measure 91 which legalizes marijuana.  Next week, HB 5017 the K-12 education funding bill will be scheduled for a Senate vote.  K-12 funding received the second most contacts to our office this past week. 


Legislature 101:  SB 941 relating to firearms background checks is the hot topic for citizens this past week.  As of yesterday, we received 2248 emails in opposition along with 83 phone calls in opposition.  The bill is scheduled for a work session in Senate Judiciary on April 6th.  Citizens can email their comments directly to the Senator Prozanski the chief sponsor or the committee by accessing the Judiciary Committee email addresses on OLIS.  SB 941 will not be on the Senate Floor for another week. 


Again, track topics, committee actions, bills and the floor sessions on OLIS - Oregon Legislative Information System: