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Deborah Boone

Greetings from Salem!

This week the House approved the $7.255 billion K-12 budget that provides stability for students and teachers for the next two years and funds full-day kindergarten for every child in Oregon for the first time in state history.  This represents a 25% increase in K-12 funding since 2011.  We passed this budget earlier than any K-12 budget in the last 25 years so school districts will have the certainty they need to plan for the next two years.  HB 5017 also includes provision that dedicates a percentage of any new revenue to education funding.  While I am hesitant to make any predictions, if the economy shows improvement in the May revenue forecast, a significant portion of the new revenue will be allocated to schools.  At the same time, our overall budget is still a work in progress.  Under the current budget proposal, there is a $140 million shortfall in the Human Services budget for programs like senior services, and mental health care, as well as a $58 million dollar gap in funding for public safety.

SJM 9 urges Congress to expedite the appropriation of funds to monitor and prevent the spread of invasive species including quagga and zebra mussels.  This bill was unanimously approved on the Senate floor on Thursday, and now moves to the House side. Quagga and zebra mussel invasions have had catastrophic impacts in the ecosystems in which they have established.  They can collapse entire food webs, reduce fish populations and devastate fisheries.  While small, their shells are razor sharp, and cover beaches, docks and boat hulls adversely affecting recreational uses.  These organisms clog water intake structures which greatly increase maintenance costs for water treatment and power plants.   These mussels are native to Russia and the Ukraine, and have been spreading throughout the world in the ballast of ships.   They became established in the Great Lakes in 1988 and 1989 and in California in 2008.  SJM 9 urges Congress to take appropriate action to prevent the spread of the mussel infestation into the Pacific Northwest and the Columbia River Basin.  As a co-sponsor of this bill, I am working with Senator Roblan to see that this legislation is approved and forwarded onto Washington, D.C.

On Monday I was pleased to welcome Friends of Family Farmers from House District 32 at the Capitol.  These farmers came to Salem from Nehalem, Gales Creek, Astoria and Tillamook to speak in support several bills, including HB 2721 promoting Farm to School and School Gardens, HB 2723 allowing the creation of Urban Agriculture Incentive Zones and SB 341 providing limited liability for Agriculture Tourism providers.  We had a great discussion on a wide range of topics like genetically engineered crops, reforming the Board of Agriculture to include small farmers, protecting farmland from aggregate mining, and the overuse of antibiotics in healthy farm animals. 

Rep Boone and Friends of Family Farmers

                                   Deb and Friends of Family Farmers

Back in the district, the Oregon Department of Transportation will be removing containment structures from the US 101 Necarney Creek (Sam Reed) Bridge.  For the week of April 6-10, flaggers will control single lane traffic from 7:00am to 5:00pm, and motorists can expect delays of up to 20 minutes.   The project is expected to be completed by the end of the month.  ODOT will also be working on the Old Youngs Bay Bridge and the Astoria-Megler Bridge.  As a safety reminder, Oregon State Police will be enforcing speed limits through construction zones, and traffic fines double in work zones.

Congratulations to the Astoria Toastmasters! On Monday, the Astoria Toastmasters will commemorate its 65th Anniversary at the Hotel Elliot.  Since 1950 the club has been dedicated to helping people increase confidence, build critical thinking skills and become effective listeners. Many people list anxiety over public speaking as their greatest fear, and Toastmasters helps members overcome that fear by teaching public speaking and leadership skills, while helping build their confidence in front of an audience.

I want to send a thank you to the 5,100 volunteers who turned out last Saturday for the 30th Annual SOLVE Spring Beach Clean-up.   This year, 62,500 pounds of litter and marine debris was collected, including a baby stroller in Seaside, 200 feet of fishing rope in Cannon Beach, and a bayonet on Sunset Beach.   Our beaches not only look better, but are safer for people and wildlife.  Great Job!

In order to best represent my district, I need to hear about your concerns.   My door is always open to constituents from House District 32, and I enjoy meeting with friends and neighbors when they visit Salem.   My office has moved to the fourth floor, I’m now in H-481.   If you are planning to visit the Capitol, let my office know a few days in advance so we can schedule an appointment.   If you have a concern or comment about a state agency or legislation under consideration, you can write, phone or email my office.

If you are interested in the legislative process, you can learn all about the Oregon Legislature, follow proposed bills, and watch committee meetings and floor sessions live, by accessing the Oregon Legislative Information System via the following link:

It is my privilege to represent you in the Oregon House of Representatives and I look forward to hearing from you.


Deborah Boone

email: I phone: 503-986-1432

address: 900 Court St NE, H-481, Salem, OR, 97301