Senator Beyer - Newsletter 2015

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Lee Beyer

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

The 78th Legislative Session got off to a fast start this month. Over 850 bills were introduced in the Senate and 1,600 in the House. In the committee I chair, we have over 100 bills under consideration.  On average, nearly 4,000 bills are introduced in an odd-year session and just under 1,000 become law. 

This session I serve as chair of the Senate Committee on Business and Transportation, and as a member on three committees: the Senate Committee on Education, the Senate Rules Committee and the Joint Committee on Implementing Measure 91. We have a full workload in all the committees, and I look forward to working with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to make Oregon a better place.

Already this session I have had the privilege to carry Senate Bill 324 as it passed the Senate floor. SB 324, the Low Carbon Fuel Standard, calls for companies to gradually reduce carbon pollution from their gasoline and diesel fuel by 10% over 10 years. Transportation fuel use is the largest source of carbon pollution in our state and there are other options available.  As a result of the bill’s passage, entrepreneurs will be incented to develop other fuel options and Oregonians will have more access to a variety of fuels, creating a more diverse, affordable, healthy and stable fuel mix.

I have several priority bills that I am working to pass this session. House Bill 2639, co-sponsored with Representative John Lively, would grant free bus passes to secondary school students residing within the service area of Lane Transit District. Senate Bill 615 would address a growing problem in Oregon, and nationwide: less than one-third of near-retirement households are meeting retirement savings targets for their age. This bill would establish the Oregon Retirement Savings Board, which would develop and make available a retirement savings plan for all Oregonians lacking access to a plan at their workplace.

While it may sometimes seem that the Legislature is mired in partisan bickering, the Senate joins together on a daily basis to pass bills that make the state of Oregon a better place to live. Earlier this session we unanimously passed legislation creating the Pacific Northwest Manufacturing Partnership Advisory Committee (PNMP), a consortium dedicated to accelerating the resurgence of manufacturing in the region. It will focus on facilitating regional collaboration among the manufacturing sector by working with relevant education and research institutions. This week, the Senate passed Senate Bill 188 on a 30-0 vote. The bill cracks down on so-called ‘revenge porn,’ making it a crime to share intimate images without the consent of the person in the image.

Stay Informed

To keep you informed of the latest from the State Capitol throughout 2015, and especially during the 78th Legislative Session, I plan to send updates via electronic newsletters, as well as hold a number of town halls with the two state representatives that share my senate district. My first town hall, co-hosted with Representative John Lively, will be this Tuesday, March 3rd at 6 p.m. at the Thurston Grange Hall (6022 Thurston Rd., Springfield). In the meantime, I encourage you to stay connected with the issues that are most important to you by using Oregon Legislative Information System (OLIS), a new bill-tracking system available online. OLIS provides up-to-date information on every bill and legislative committee, even testimony presented by citizens. To access OLIS, go to or simply type “Oregon Legislature” into your online search engine.

Keep in Touch!

Your feedback is incredibly important, and I want to hear your priorities for Senate District 6 and Oregon. My contact information is listed at the bottom of this newsletter, feel free to call or email me to weigh in on the issues you care about.

You can also follow along during the Legislative Session by liking my Facebook page!

Lee Beyer

State Senator

Dist. 6 - Central Lane & Linn Counties

Yours truly,

Senator Lee Beyer

Senate District 6

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