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February 24, 2015


One Last Attempt


In probably a last ditch effort to stop SB 324, the Low Carbon Standards bill, I sent the following letter to all 60 members of the House.  The bill is scheduled for a hearing today and the new Governor has already said she will sign it.  I would suggest now would be a good time to contact your Representatives on this issue.



Dear Representative,


When you consider your vote on SB 324, the low carbon fuel standards, there are three points I want you to think about beyond the bill itself.  First, this would be the first time in the history of the state when we would be instituting a fuel tax for something other than bridges and roads.


Secondly, by not calling it a tax and putting an emergency clause on the bill, we are removing the two thirds vote requirement and the ability of the people to refer which is a principle we have operated under for years.  Governor Brown in her statement last week stated she wanted to restore faith in government.  This political maneuver goes directly against that intention.


The third point I want to make is the most important, and that is the transportation package we are currently working on.  The reality is the current level of funding, both from state and federal sources, is not enough to even keep up with maintaining the status quo of our system.  To get to an adequate level of funding is going to require an increase in the gas tax, among other adjustments.  This is an immediate need and should be a higher priority than SB 324.


We know with a high level of certainty that if SB 324 passes the transportation package will be referred to the voters and defeated.  In my opinion this is not a risk we can afford to take.  The immediate needs of our state and citizens should be our highest priority, especially when the need is as great as it is in this case.


Thank you for your consideration.




Senator Jeff Kruse









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