New Year, New Adventure


Here we are, in my second official full week after being sworn in! I am both excited and proud to be serving the wonderful people who live in West Hillsboro, Cornelius, and Forest Grove, and to be joining my colleagues in the 78th Oregon Legislative Assembly. 

It really was an inspirational experience, and I was so happy to have my family join me for the beginning of this adventure and responsibility. 

Of course, this isn’t my first week doing work to prepare for the 2015 session. Since December, I have had over fifty meetings with constituents, city and county officials, and organizations working on important issues.  The safety of our communities and improving school quality for our students are just two examples of things I have been talking about. I will share more information about the bills I am working on once session starts in February. 

2015 Committee Assignments

Now that I have been sworn in, I am eager to do important legislative work in my committees and around issues important to my district. I am grateful to be serving as the Vice Chair of the Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee, enabling me to work on issues affecting farming families around the State, and especially in my district. 

I will also be a member of the Education Committee, focusing on Kindergarten through 12th grade. I am excited to bring my 42 years of experience from the classroom to my work on this committee, and am already working on introducing bills related to class size and school funding issues that greatly affect House District 29 students.

Finally, I will also be serving on the Transportation and Economic Development Committee. After spending sixteen years as a Metro Councilor, I am looking forward to tackling tough issues like mass transit and the safety and connectivity of our statewide transportation network. We must make sure our bridges, roads, and infrastructure can support a vibrant economy. 

Have coffee with your Legislative Delegation!

We are happy to announce that on Saturday, January 31st, we will be hosting our first meet-and-greet together with Representative Joe Gallegos (House District 30) and Senator Chuck Riley (Senate District 15) at Manaia Coffee House and Island Grill in Hillsboro (203 East Main Street, Hillsboro, OR 97123) at 11am. 

Additional coffees will be scheduled for constituents in Cornelius and Forest Grove in February. Stay tuned for dates, times, and locations!

Upcoming Community Events

Check out our legislative webpage and Facebook for information about upcoming events. 

If you or a group you are a member of have an event you want us to know about or would like us to attend, please feel free to email us at any time with the details, contact information, date, and time. We love hearing about events happening in our community.

As always, I am happy to talk further if you have any questions or priorities you’d like to discuss with me. 

Yours truly,

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Representative, House District 29

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